Should You Stay in Your Job? Three Good Reasons

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Should you stay in your job? Or is it time to move on?

If you’re feeling the need for something to change in your career, chances are you’re leaning toward leaving.

But that might be a mistake.

The truth is that many people who aren’t happy with their working life think that the ONLY path to change is a path out the door.

And that’s a myth.

After coaching hundreds of successful professionals, I’ve discovered that the path to change can sometimes be found right inside your own company walls.

Don’t believe me? Consider these three good reasons to stay, before you start thinking about leaving.

(Psst–you can get help here to make your decision with more confidence and less stress.)

Should You Stay in Your Job? It’s Yes if . . .

1. You’re Known (Maybe Even Loved)

No matter what you do, you already are someone at your workplace. People know you. In many cases, people love you (why not? just look at you!).

There are few more powerful things than the basic human desire of feeling connected, feeling known, feeling heard.

Don’t discount the importance of working somewhere you have a track record, a reputation, a brand. That’s not saying you will never build that in your next place, but it’s something to look around and appreciate right now.

If you’re a leader or manager worried about turnover, take note. One of the simplest, yet most powerful thing you can do to retain your best people is to invest your time in knowing them deeper. Shut up and listen to what they’re saying–and not saying. Get crazy curious and ask powerful questions. Wanting to know and connect on a deeper level is a great antidote to attrition. And there’s no shame in asking for help on this, either–it’s too important to ignore.

2. You Can Apply Your Mental Bandwidth Elsewhere

I won’t lie to you. Making a change to a new job or even a new career takes time and energy, even if the opportunity fairy swings by and makes it like cake.

Anyone who tells you otherwise has their pantelones en el fuego.

Change takes up a good portion of your mental bandwidth–thoughts, energy, time, focus.

We each have only a certain capacity of how many things we can mentally hold as important all at once, and so should you stay in your job, you may have more space to take on something else important.

But what? Maybe it’s the relationship you’ve been wanting to build–or repair.

The weight loss you’ve been procrastinating.

Or the hobby or volunteer gig you let go a while ago but that gives you great joy.

The list of things other than work are endless.

When you’re actively choosing not to invest your bandwidth in job change, you may find you have some space for other things. Or, when you really can’t make the mental room for change, you know it’s probably not the time to pile on the change today.

Or, when you really can’t make the mental room for change, you know it’s probably not the time to pile on the change today.

Need to get clear on what you really want? Our online career clarity course can help. Check it out here.

3. You Can Bring Your Superpowers to Work

Why wait to share your greatness? You don’t need a new job to start wearing your red cape.

You just need three things:

  1. Clarity

  2. Confidence

  3. Control.

There is always room where you are right now to apply more of your talents, energies, and special gifts. That’s one of the core beliefs behind the workplace revolution we want to ignite, and it starts with you.

So no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you’re doing right now, don’t forget that the world needs you, whether in your current job or the next around the corner.

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