3 Reasons to Take a Vacation (Psst: It’s a Career Strategy)

3 Reasons to Take A Vacation Red Cape Revolution

What if the best career strategy you could put in place right now was to plan—and take—your next vacation? Sounds crazy, right? I mean, how can taking time off possibly help grow your career? Haven’t you and I learned that the only way to career success is to work harder, stay focused, and not take […]Read the full post >>

Understanding the Battle Inside Your Brain (and How to Win It)

How Do You Win the Battle of the Brain (Coach Darcy Answers) Red Cape Revolution

Ever feel like you’re fighting a battle inside your brain? On one hand, you have thoughts that say “I can do this, I really want to do that.” But we’re conflicted, hearing other voices in our head that say, “You can’t do that! You shouldn’t do that!” It’s exhausting–and holds us back from what we’re […]Read the full post >>

Advice for the Graduating Class (& What We’re Asking of You Now)

Advice for the Graduating Class Red Cape Revolution

Well, here you are— our next graduating class. Congrats! Is it a magic moment? Or a time of chaos? Those of us who love you wish we were simply spouting cliches and trite doses of inspirational wisdom right now . . ones you could sleep through before you head to the next picnic or party. […]Read the full post >>

Make the Most of Change: 3 Meaningful Actions to Take Now

Making the Most of Change _ Red Cape Revolution

If there’s anything I know for sure, it’s that the past is gone and the future’s not fully here yet. So what can we do to navigate through our work and lives right NOW? How can we make the most of change that’s happening around us? Binging on an endless diet of homemade sourdough & […]Read the full post >>

Stop Waiting for Permission to Grow. Create Your Professional Development Plan

create your professional developent plan Red Cape Revolution

“We’ve cut back on our professional development —nothing I can do about that.” “Our training budgets have been cut, so it’ll be hard for me to stay current.” “My manager has nothing left to teach me—how am I going to grow?” Heard those comments in your workplace lately? If so, you’re not alone. If you’re […]Read the full post >>

“My Skills Are Not Being Utilized” (& What to Do If That’s You)

“My Skills Are Not Being Utilized” (& What to Do If That’s You)

I’m always asking my readers and speaking audiences to tell me their real-world, real life questions about decisions and choices you need to make in your life at work. Here’s one I hear all the time: “What do I do if my skills are not being utilized?” (Personally, I hate the word “utilized” for anything […]Read the full post >>

What is Emotional Labor? (VIDEO)

What is Emotional Labor (video) Coach Darcy Eikenberg and Red Cape Revolution

Leadership can be hard. But one thing I’m finding while coaching my leadership clients is that it’s not the work that’s hard–it’s everything surrounding the work. There’s a term for that: emotional labor. But what is emotional labor? On a recent LinkedIn Live, I dug deeper into this topic and reflected on what I’m learning […]Read the full post >>

How to Say Hard Things to Good People at Work

How to Say Hard Things to Good People at Work _ Red Cape Revolution

If you’re a leader of people, projects, or processes, there will come a time when you’ll have to say hard things to good people at work. It’s inevitable. The hard things might be issues that emerge in your company’s regular performance management process. But more often today, we have to find a way to say […]Read the full post >>

How to Fall Back in Love With Your Job ❤️❤️❤️

How to Fall Back In Love With Your Job Red Cape Revolution

Maybe you’ve contemplated leaving your job, but as the great Neil Sedaka sang, “breakin’ up is hard to do.” You wish you could fall back in love with your job and feel the way you used to feel: excited, happy, content. Chances are something’s still valuable to you right where you are. Maybe it’s the […]Read the full post >>

How to Ask for Feedback at Work (Who, What, and What to Say)

How to ask for feedback at work _ Red Cape Revolution

If you’re someone who wants to grow your career, you’ve got to learn one important thing first: how to ask for feedback at work. It’s not always easy, especially when we’re moving fast and/or everyone’s moving fast around us. But learning how to ask for feedback helps you take control of your career. It’s a […]Read the full post >>