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What People Say

“I also want to thank you for your expertise and counseling. I believe you helped me to step back, regain my composure, and get more sure-footed. There are a lot of moving parts, and my hesitancy and lack of assertiveness toward them meant frustration for me. Thank you for helping me bring that to a head.” —Steve Ackerman, legislative director, US Congress, Washington, D.C.

“I’m so glad I’ve worked with Darcy as my coach. She expanded the way I think about work and my future, and energized my work again. I feel more capable and confident, even in the midst of unexpected changes brought on by the pandemic. As a result, I move past fear faster so I can see possibilities instead being stopped by challenges. Working with Darcy was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.” —Lisa Brzezniak, Southfield, MI

“Darcy provided specific, direct advice on how to get on the right track” –Raj Kumar, Dallas, TX

“After working with Darcy as a career coach, I had a clear objective of the steps I needed to take and was excited about the future of my career.” –Karen Stewart, Atlanta, GA

“One thing I appreciated most about Darcy is that she helped me find ‘action items’ in each of our conversations and she challenged me to follow through with them.” –Blair Williamson, College Station, TX

“I recommend Darcy to any individual or organization serious about finding the best in themselves and building a strong base for future growth.”–Ron Von-Wald, Minneapolis

Not sure if investing in private coaching with me is right for you? It is if you . . .

  • You’ve been successful in the past but you’re not feeling so successful right now. You’re ready to make your next big career decision, but you’re not sure where to start.
  • You need a safe, confidential place to try out new ideas and road test future conversations you know you need to have if you want to get what you want at work.
  • You’re feeling stuck in a situation at work, and can’t seem to make the right things happen to see change.
  • You’re not quite sure what you need, but something’s flashing “warning!” in your company, in your profession, or in your own brain.
  • You love what you do, and want to make the most of your life at work by growing your impact and creating more opportunities.
  • You just need a trusted, safe sounding board to being to map out next steps and you’re wondering if a professional coaching relationship might be the resource you need.

Here are a few commonly-asked questions about working with me:

What’s it like working with you as my career coach?


As a career coach for leaders & high performing professionals, my role is to create the structure and space to help you become the hero of your own life at work. So I guess I’m Yoda, only with fewer wrinkles and much easier to understand. (But I do live near a swamp.)

Seriously though–

The best way to learn more about my coaching is to experience it live. Start here to schedule a coaching consultation.

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The second best way to learn what it’s like to work with me is to listen to my clients. They’re top-notch, high performing leaders just like you. They’ve called me:
  • Warm & funny;
  • Collaborative and creatively resourceful;
  • “My secret business weapon;”
  • Deeply empathic and caring but not nutty-crunchy;
  • High-energy and never boring;
  • Results-oriented while still being realistic.

Here’s my client Jeff Daniher of Ritter Daniher Financial Advisory:

I’ve been told I am “the complete package of aspirational and practical,” with the ability to help you think bigger while not letting the future get in the way of taking action now.

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You sound nice, but how are you qualified to do what you do?

International Coach Federation - Professional Certified CoachThanks! I am nice–but I’m also focused on getting you the results you want.

I’ve got many stories from my past experience as a business leader, Fortune 100 consultant, and from my years of helping coach people so they get the results they need. Happy to tell you some of them when we talk.

But officially, you’ll see three letters after my name: PCC. That means I’m a Professional Certified Coach, which is awarded by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the leading nonprofit organization for the serious professionals in my business.

In order to obtain this certification, it takes hundreds of hours of training in the art, science, and practice of professional coaching (yes, it’s more than just talking).

Plus, the credential represents over 750 hours of documented coaching with clients (90% of which must be paid for by the client, so you can’t just count conversations over cocktails your friends.) It also requires live testing and long-term work with your own mentor coach.

In a world overrun with people calling themselves “coaches,” there are fewer than 9,000 people around the world who’ve reached this level of professional excellence. I’m proud to be one of them.

I also frequently teach unconventional wisdom in the all-too-conventional career and leadership space. You can see my media appearances here, read my latest blog posts here, or talk to me about speaking at your company or professional organization event here.  And of course, my latest book captures many of the strategies my clients and I have worked on, and you can get it here.

How do I know I need a coach?

Good question. My clients are typically successful professionals who are:

  • Wrestling through major change, whether positive (such as business growth), or negative (such customer loss or personal stress).
  • Newly promoted or hired & needing to get productive fast.
  • Experienced in their technical subject but need to grow their business acumen, communication & people skills.
  • Leading or a key part of a team that must work better together to achieve a business result or goal.
  • Weighing their next career decision (whether inside or outside their existing organization) and asking “what’s next for me.”
  • Business leaders who know they need to retain and engage the best employees in order to sustain business success–but aren’t sure what to do next.

Is that you? Here’s the deal: if you’re not sure if I can help you, why not accept my invitation to get more information?

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How do we get started?

That’s simple. Just click the button, answer a few questions (there’s no right or wrong answers–this is not a test) and find a time on the provided calendar to get a conversation scheduled.

You don’t have to prepare anything for the call. Just be yourself. I’ll ask you questions, and you can tell me what’s happening for you.

After we’ve talked, if it sounds like I can help you further, I’ll send you details of any coaching programs or courses I recommend, including timing and costs. There’s no pressure–you can say yes or no.

Easy, breezy, red cape peasy.

You’re one call away from creating more peace of mind in your business and career.  Schedule a completely confidential coaching consultation (free) here:
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“Darcy and I have accomplished so much together. She helped me gain clarity that I’ve needed to advance in the next step of my career. Her adaptability and flexibility to my personal needs was superior to any other coaches I’ve worked with in the past. I’m extremely grateful.” —confidential client, CMO in consumer products