If you’re investing your time, energy, and money to hold a conference, retreat or another event (live or online), you want to engage a keynote speaker who can help you make it count.

I’m rarely impressed with someone’s ability to hold a room’s attention for longer than 10 minutes. Darcy had my attention for almost 4 hours—she was amazing.—Keith Daubmann, VP, MY Shower Door

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When it’s your event, you want people to WANT to be in the room to hear the keynote speaker. You want them to WANT to put away their devices and distractions for a while. 😇

Plus, you want it to be easy to manage behind-the-scenes—no divas, please, professionals only.

Oh, and if you’re like most of the event organizers I work with, you’d love it if the keynote speaker created a fun and memorable moment for your group—one that keeps people talking, long after the day is done.

That’s what I want for you, too.

Every element of my keynote speaker programs—from my attention-getting topics to my teams’ experience-based behind-the-scenes logistics support, to our high-energy content with takeaways and follow-up tools—all are designed to get you the results you want from the opportunity you have with your people.

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More About Me

If we haven’t met, I’m Darcy Eikenberg. I’m an experienced keynote speaker and facilitator, online and off. It’s been my honor to be featured at events for State Farm, Deloitte Consulting, Mondelēz International, Northwestern University, Cracker Barrel, AON, Eastman Chemical, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), the Society of Actuaries (SOA), the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and other corporate and professional organizations.

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In a hybrid work world, you need a keynote speaker who knows what works to create better online meetings.

Here are a few of the strategies I use:

 What People Are Saying

Here’s written feedback from attendees at a recent worldwide conference where Darcy taught:

  • Darcy is brilliant! Such heart and such valuable takeaways. I feel energized!
  • This was the BEST session at the conference. Loved the interactive elements and being able to reflect on my own experience.
  • Sensational session. Darcy is a real gem! Her way of presenting coaching concepts, frameworks and tools is both refreshing and practical. Should be on the agenda next year too.
  • This was my favorite part of the entire conference. It was wonderful, thank you!
  • Darcy’s session was an amazing way to spend the last morning of the conference. So inspiring!
  • Great facilitator. Very insightful and thought-provoking material. Overall great session. Glad I chose it.
  • Excellent, motivating keynote speaker. I left the session with the urge to pursue the courage journey!
  • Wow– what a great and empowering session. Thank you so much!

If you’re not hearing that kind of enthusiasm from your audiences, schedule your call with me now.

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Graduate of Heroic Public Speaking with Michael Port

Meet Darcy Eikenberg, Professional Speaker

How To Define Your Superpowers

What if You Were the Secret Formula? [webinar clip]

Speaking Topics

These are not your run-of-the-mill programs! Darcy’s style is fun and upbeat, and the content balances real-world practicality with aspirational ideas about how to actively create change and be leaders in our own lives at work.

These topics can be customized to your organization as keynotes, breakout sessions, leadership retreats, workshops, or virtual events.

How to Bring Your Superpowers to Work: Simple Ways to Soar Through Your Career, Your Profession, and Your World


It’s Not About the “Stuff”: Secrets to Being More Strategic

How to be More Strategic, by professional speaker Darcy Eikenberg

  • Focuses on understanding the facts and data inside your business, including customer and financial information, even if those areas aren’t your areas of expertise.
  • Special expertise in customizing this for communication, marketing, and consulting audiences.

Mastering the Art of Bragging: What Today’s Professionals and Other Humble Leaders Need to Know

Mastering the Art of Bragging, by professional speaker Darcy Eikenberg

  • Teaches a formula to talk about successes and accomplishments without making others uncomfortable—in fact, the formula makes others want to hear more.
  • Proven to accelerate individuals’ comfort level with telling their success stories, and helps teams connect and learn more about other attendees’ best work and ideas. Often, this creates relationships that continue long after the event is over.

Communicating Your Value at Work (While You’re Doing Everything Else)

Communicating Your Value at Work, by professional speaker Darcy Eikenberg

  • Focuses on the clarity and confidence issues that get in the way of making sure we recognize the value we’re creating, and step up to take credit for that value without seeming uncomfortably egotistic or arrogant.
  • Teaches strategies to talk about that value in ways that are relevant to leaders and the business overall, so that your message gets heard and acted on.

Creating Career Courage: How to Be Brave at Work Without Being Stupid

Creating Career Courage, by professional speaker Darcy Eikenberg

  • Teaches people how to increase their levels of career courage strategically.
  • Shares specific formulas and decision-making processes to make better, bolder decisions.

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What People Are Saying

”Darcy was a pleasure to work with as a presenter! She received great feedback from the participants on how welcoming she was at the beginning of the event and how engaging she was throughout the actual presentation. I knew the event was going to be successful simply by the amount of detail that she was able to go into to make sure the event process was smooth and successful. Thanks, Darcy!“Rachel Pridgen, Associate Director of Alumni Services, Northwestern University

”We left the session refreshed and ready to put into place career-furthering techniques. We didn’t realize how we’d been standing in the way of our own successes. 
I would highly recommend adding Darcy Eikenberg to your list of programs or workshops. Her insight and guidance are worth it. She’s also a genuinely pleasing person!“Jennifer Weatherly, VP, Write On Target HR

”I would highly recommend Darcy Eikenberg as a speaker for your corporate or professional event. She served as a keynote speaker for one of our corporate Leadership Development programs, and presented an engaging thought-provoking view on leadership. Combining humor with personal stories, she captured the challenges and possibilities of the leadership role, inspiring all to bring their “superpowers” to work.“Jean Rode, Talent Management & Development, Cox Communications (retired)