Five Ways to Snap Out of Your Own Groundhog Day


I’m not exactly sure how director/screenwriter Harold Ramis came up with the idea to connect this February faux-holiday with the story of a guy who keeps living the same day over and over until he gets it right, but it’s clear that most of us experience “Groundhog Day” in our workplaces–and on more days than Feb. 2.

If that’s you, maybe it’s time to try these five ways to can snap out of your own “Groundhog Day” at work–any day of the week.

1. Say something you’ve been afraid to say.

What’s the question you’ve been dying to ask of your boss? What’s the suggestion you keep thinking of over and over in the staff meeting–but have yet to voice it? Who do you need to confront or challenge–even when it may not be pretty. Say what you need to say, and you’ll stop repeating the same frustrations.

2. Give a genuine compliment.

Want to shake things up with your colleagues? Tell them something nice about themselves. “Bob, I just wanted to say that I’ve noticed what great ideas you’re bringing to meetings. You’ve challenged my thinking, and I really appreciate it. Just wanted you to know.” Where could you change the conversation by using an honest, genuine, and unexpected compliment?

3. Close your eyes for 10 minutes.

Just a short trip–to Tahiti, the Bahamas, to grandma’s house. Let your brain reset.

4. Take the thing that stays on your list, off your list.

You know the one I mean–that “to do” that keeps screaming “you should, you should”–yet you don’t.  If you haven’t done it by now, why kid yourself? Take it off your list. Notice how it feels not to take up valuable brain space (and list space!) with it. And pay attention to whether anyone really notices–or cares.

5. Tell us about it on Cape Revolution.

How do you snap out of having the same experiences, conversations, results, over and over?? What’s the biggest challenge you have that keeps you starting the same thing in the same way?

Sometimes we’ve got to shake it up to get there! Tell me your groundhog day cures over on our Facebook page, or email me directly here.