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Discover Your Superpowers at Work: Your Superpower Sprint (Free Video Training)

Discover Your Superpowers at Work_ Your Superpower Sprint

Is it finally time to discover your superpowers at work? It is, if:

  • You’re no longer sure about  the things that make you unique and special.
  • You’re thinking about what’s next for you, but you’re not exactly sure what that looks like.
  • You want to more effectively talk about who you are when you’re at your very best at work.

If it’s time for YOU to discover your superpowers at work, then dive into this free mini-training: my superpower sprint.

In this free mini-training, I guide you through several key questions, fast. It’s a version of what I often teach in live workshops or webinars for teams and professional organizations.

The training is designed to be completed quickly and in real-time, so grab a piece of paper and dive in now!

Watch it now:

Ready to go deeper to discover your superpowers at work–and use them to move your career forward?

Perhaps you’ve discovered your superpowers, but you’re not sure how to apply them right where you are–or how to talk about them with confidence and courage.

Maybe you know your superpowers, but you’re not getting the opportunities to use them, and need to have a bigger conversation at work.

Or, maybe you know it’s time for a change to be able to use your superpowers more frequently, but you’re not sure where to start.

If that’s you, it’s likely time to get an external perspective.

That’s what I do as a professional coach to high performing professionals like you. A 30-minute initial coaching consultation with me is fast, free & fun.

Here’s how it works.

Just hit the button below, and pick a date and time that works for you. Then, answer a couple short questions that help me know more about what’s happening for you so that we can make the most of our time together. On the date and time you scheduled, I’ll call you. There’s nothing to prepare. I’ll ask you questions–you just tell me your truth.

My goal is to be helpful immediately in that call.

If it sounds like one of my coaching programs or on-demand courses might be useful to you going forward, I’ll share details with you in email after our call.

There’s no obligation and no pressure–so what do you have to lose? I can’t wait to talk to you soon!

Schedule your coaching chat now

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