The Simple, Shocking Tool You’re Forgetting to Use When Making Business & Career Decisions

Why is making career decisions hard? You’d think it shouldn’t be, right? ‘Cause we make good decisions all the time: We park in the middle of the lot to squeeze in a few more steps. We set the alarm and get out of bed when it rings–even a few minutes before. We resist criticizing our […]Read the full post >>

Don’t Update Your Resume. Start Doing This Instead

don't update your resume

Starting to feel the need for career change? Just promise me one thing. Don’t update your resume. I know, I know. That’s the FIRST thing most people think to do, right? And unfortunately, it’s still the advice too many well-meaning career counselors offer to successful professionals when they start to wonder “what’s next for me?” […]Read the full post >>

Making Hard Career Decisions [Video Training]

making hard career decisions with coach Darcy

Ever have trouble making hard career decisions? You’re not alone. As a followup from my article, “The Truth Behind Why Making Career Decisions is Hard,” I shared more ideas and strategies during this live broadcast on Facebook. Watch it below, or click here to watch directly on Facebook (including captions, comments, and to share it […]Read the full post >>

The Truth Behind Why Making Career Decisions Is Hard


Let’s face it: when it comes to making career decisions, we struggle. Even when we’re lucky enough to choose between something great and something equally great, we swirl and spend endless joules of human energy trying to decide. And often, no matter what kind of time we’ve invested in making career decisions, if there’s no […]Read the full post >>