Advice for the Graduating Class (& What We’re Asking of You Now)

Advice for the Graduating Class Red Cape Revolution

Well, here you are— our next graduating class. Congrats! Is it a magic moment? Or a time of chaos? Those of us who love you wish we were simply spouting cliches and trite doses of inspirational wisdom right now . . ones you could sleep through before you head to the next picnic or party. […]Read the full post >>

How to Assess Risk in Your Career (Free Worksheet, Too)

how to assess risk in your career _ Red Cape Revolution

RISK is definitely a four-letter word for most of us. Like FEAR. Or PAIN. Truth is, we live in a world where risk is inevitable. But taking a risk in your career gets confusing. How do we assess it, evaluate it, and make brave decisions without being stupid? The secret is to ask the right […]Read the full post >>

Should You Quit Your Job? Four Signs to Watch

Should you quit your job_ Red Cape Revolution

You’re folding yourself out of  bed on on a rainy Monday morning. You’re brushing your teeth, combing your hair, and looking for the jacket that doesn’t have the coffee spot on it. You’ve already snuck a peek—or three—at your mobile device, and your brain is starting to inbox what’s waiting for you at the office. […]Read the full post >>

To Stay or To Leave Your Job? Four Secrets to Help You Decide

To Stay or Leave Your Job Four Secrets to Help You Decide Red Cape Revolution

Think you might need to leave your job? Maybe you’re wondering, worrying, stressing about it. That’s only human. But I’m guessing that you’ve been wondering about it for a while—and you’re struggling to make a decision. If that’s you, cut yourself some slack. Making the decision to stay or leave isn’t as easy as others […]Read the full post >>

“Am I Leaving My Job Too Soon?” [VIDEO]

Recently, a reader asked me, “Am I leaving my job too soon?” “I’ve been here a year. At first, it seemed like the perfect fit. But the person that hired me has now left, and I’m not sure I’m clicking with my new leader and it feels like I might be better off leaving. But […]Read the full post >>

How to Change Your Job Without Leaving Your Job [VIDEO]

change your job

What if you could change your job without leaving your job? Sounds all woo-woo, right? But hold on. What if you could shake things up a bit, but still keep all the good stuff in your job–the work you enjoy, the people you care about, and the income you make? It’s possible. There are practical, […]Read the full post >>

Should I Take the Job Offer—Or Stay? The Guide to Decide

Should I take the job offer or stay Red Cape Revolution (Facebook Post) (1940 × 600 px)

“Should I take the job offer, or stay where I am?” Some variation of this question comes across my desk a lot these days. Yes, if you’re an experienced professional in many countries around the world, you’re in the hottest job market we’ve seen in a while. Opportunities are everywhere. That’s great. And crazy stressful. […]Read the full post >>

Can’t Make a Career Decision? Avoid the Traps with the Career Decision Lifecycle

how to make a career decision thumbnail

If you or someone you love can’t make a career decision, then you’re in the right place. In this free video training, I walk you through the Career Decision Lifecycle—the real truth about how we make career decisions, and how we get stuck. If you can’t make a career decision, you’ll have a clearer idea […]Read the full post >>

How to Talk Back to Yourself in the Middle of the Night

Worried about your career tonight? | Red Cape Revolution can help

In times of stress, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to get some rest. But how do you do that if your thoughts are exploding in the middle of the night? It’s time to learn how to talk back to yourself—and get back to sleep. We’ve all read the […]Read the full post >>