How Do I Decide Between a Current Job and a New Job? Your Question Answered

how do I decide between a current job and a new one_

How do I decide between a current job and a new job? There are positive and negative things about both. So I’m stuck. Help! At some point in your career, you’ve been there. Or maybe you’re the person who sent me this question, and you are there. If so, you’re not alone. According to Gallup’s […]Read the full post >>

How do I decide to between my current job and a new one? [VIDEO]

How do I decide between my job and a new one? Watch this video for answers. Hey—want more help? No matter what’s happening in your life at work, a 30-minute chat with me can help you get unstuck and move forward, fast.  Just hit the button below, and pick a date and time that’s available. […]Read the full post >>

16 Reasons to Take a Career Risk Now

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“This is not a good time to take a career risk.” That’s what I keep hearing, over and over, from smart, successful people who know there’s something they need to do to change their lives at work, but can’t seem to get into action. Instead of acting like the smart, successful people they are, they […]Read the full post >>

How to Find a New Job in a Surprising Place: Your Company

Red Cape Revolution

David was ready to find a new job. He was stuck. Frustrated. Borderline angry. A smart, successful marketing pro with a growing young family, he told me about the battle in his brain every morning. The conversation as he dressed each day went something like this (note: expletives deleted): Okay, here we go again. Suck […]Read the full post >>

The Simple, Shocking Tool You’re Forgetting to Use When Making Business & Career Decisions

Tool spread | The Simple Shocking Tool You're Forgetting to Use | Red Cape Revolution | Darcy Eikenberg

Why is making career decisions hard? You’d think it shouldn’t be, right? ‘Cause we make good decisions all the time: We park in the middle of the lot to squeeze in a few more steps. We set the alarm and get out of bed when it rings–even a few minutes before. We resist criticizing our […]Read the full post >>

Don’t Update Your Resume. Start Doing This Instead

Don't Update Your Resume: Do This Instead | Red Cape Revolution

Laid off, furloughed, or just knowing it’s time to look for what’s next?  Just promise me one thing. Don’t update your resume. I know, I know. That’s the FIRST thing most people think they’re supposed to do, right? And unfortunately, it’s still the advice too many well-meaning but out-of-date career counselors offer. But it’s the […]Read the full post >>

Making Hard Career Decisions [Video Training]

making hard career decisions with coach Darcy

Ever have trouble making hard career decisions? You’re not alone. As a followup from my article, “The Truth Behind Why Making Career Decisions is Hard,” I shared more ideas and strategies during this live broadcast on Facebook. Watch it below, or click here to watch directly on Facebook (including captions, comments, and to share it […]Read the full post >>

I Was a Workforce Prisoner: What I Did and What You Can Do, Too


You’ve probably met that person at work. They’ve been at your company a long time. And they’re not thrilled about it. But they don’t seem to be doing anything to change. I’ve known that person. And for a while in my career, I became that person. I was, as global consulting firm Aon Hewitt cites […]Read the full post >>

What’s the Career Decision YOU Need to Make? [Advice to A Reader]

What's the career decision you need to make _ Red Cape Revolution

Our work and careers can get pretty complicated today. That’s why one of my favorite things to do is to answer YOUR real-world, real life questions, like the one below. It’s your turn. What’s the career decision YOU need to make? Click the button below to ask me now. I answer ALL questions (as long […]Read the full post >>