Have a Question? Try Our Career Help Line

Call Coach Darcy Eikenberg and Red Cape Revolution for career advice

Need career help? Wrestling with a sticky workplace situation? Don’t struggle trying to figure out what to do—ask me for help! I’m excited to launch our Career Help Line as a free tool we’re testing from RedCapeRevolution.com. It’s intended to be a safe place to ask complex questions about any aspect of managing your life […]Read the full post >>

Managing Your Career: First, Shine Up Your Vision

how to clean up your career, from Red Cape Revolution

Sweeping away the remains of winter and getting clean and fresh for spring? Don’t forget the one corner of your life that may need your attention most: managing your career. But how do you spring clean a career? A box of Swiffers and a bucket of bleachy water won’t help. The first thing to do […]Read the full post >>

Do You Have to Be a Champion to Succeed?

Are you a champion at work?

Champion . . . winner . . excellence .  .  .  if you’re like most of the world catching Olympic fever, words like this are coming at you as frequently as a Ryan Seacrest reference to Justin Bieber. Yes, for the next few weeks, our digital devices will be overrun with emotion-generating stories of superhuman […]Read the full post >>

What Will You Discover?

It’s said Christopher Columbus was a professional explorer. As such, I think he’d feel right at home today. So many of us are exploring our current assumptions, testing existing models, and looking to pry the top off the jar of new ideas and potential. It’s good, valuable, and important work–and sometimes harder than we’d like it […]Read the full post >>

Good Questions for the Crazy Curious

As my coaching clients know, I’m a fan of the Big Question, the powerful question, the good question that stops the conversation and makes you think twice. (Insider’s secret: when one of my clients says to me, “Hmm. . . that’s a good question,” I secretly do the Happy Snoopy dance in my head, Vince […]Read the full post >>

Are You Crazy Curious?

How often have you heard someone in your office, when faced with a detailed explanation, say “hey, dude, TMI (too much information)–I don’t wanna know.” But the reality is that knowing more–just a little more–can open up the lucky strikes you’re looking for—those flashes of possibility that become part of your superpowers. How many times […]Read the full post >>

The 3 Hot Benefits of Discovering Your Superpowers

As you heard in my previous post and elsewhere on this site, I’m convinced that each of us has superpowers we can bring to work. Yes, each of us–you over there with the Blackberry pressing into your hip. . you with the old-school pencil-behind-the-ear. . . you getting everyone else organized and moving in the […]Read the full post >>