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Are You Crazy Curious?

How often have you heard someone in your office, when faced with a detailed explanation, say “hey, dude, TMI (too much information)–I don’t wanna know.” But the reality is that knowing more–just a little more–can open up the lucky strikes you’re looking for—those flashes of possibility that become part of your superpowers.

How many times do we cut off possibilities and even luck because we stop being curious about the answers (or we think they’ll be a waste of time?) My client Emily, a former management consultant longing for a change, knew she had fun talking and thinking about interior design. But she stopped short of asking, “Could design be a place where I could both have fun and be successful?”

She made an assumption that it wasn’t, instead of becoming crazy curious and asking herself questions such as:

  • Why does this field appeal to me? Is it really about the work of designing, or is it about something else (creativity, freedom, working with people)? If it’s something else, do I really know those elements exist in this field, or am I just assuming it does from what I think that life looks like?
  • Are other people successful in this field? If they are, how do they get to be successful? If I don’t know for sure, who can I ask?
  • What other assumptions am I making? What’s the real truth there? What do I need to do to confirm or disprove them?

Getting crazy curious is a great way to start clearing some of the underbrush from your path to your superpowers.  It opens up the new lanes of possibility and knowledge you haven’t traveled down yet–and who knows where that will take you?

I’m crazy curious about YOU, so leave a reply below, drop a line or chat on Facebook and tell us what you’re curious about! I love to address the issues and challenges that are most important to you–and if you’re curious, I bet someone else is, too! Do me a favor and share–thanks!

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