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Have a Question? Try Our Career Help Line

Call Coach Darcy Eikenberg and Red Cape Revolution for career advice

Need career help? Wrestling with a sticky workplace situation? Don’t struggle trying to figure out what to do—ask me for help!

I’m excited to launch our Career Help Line as a free tool we’re testing from It’s intended to be a safe place to ask complex questions about any aspect of managing your life at work or growing your career.

Really. Anything.

And you can use it anytime, from anywhere—all you need is a phone (or your favorite calling technology) and a question.

 Here’s how it works:

  1. Call the Career Help Line at 512.827.0505, ext 2155#. You’ll hear my perky welcome and instructions.
  2. Leave a confidential voicemail–you’ve got about 4 minutes. Don’t forget to share:
    • Your name (speak slowly and spell, please!);
    • Your email address (ditto);
    • The best phone number to reach you (if we have questions or your email bounces); and
    • Your question, of course!

3. Look for my answer in your inbox. How soon? That depends. The initial goal is to get you an answer within three business days or less. But since this is new for us, give us a chance to test based on the number and types of questions that come in. However, my commitment to you is that all questions will get acknowledged and answered.

If your question is complex, I might ask a member of my team to set up a 15 minute phone call with you instead at a time that’s convenient to you. Sometimes it’s faster and more efficient to actually talk rather than type.

Plus, It’s Confidential

In case you were worried, know that anything you share on this voicemail is held in strict confidence. It’s the same commitment I make to each of my private coaching clients, where their issues and information are held tightly unless they give specific permission for me to share their name and story.

What’s in it for me (not you)

Yes, you read that right.

While I hope you see that there could be something good in it for you (hopefully quality, thought-provoking and credible advice), let me tell you what’s in it for me.

To do my best work leading the Red Cape Revolution, I want—no, I need—to hear what’s happening with you and your colleagues out in the real world of work.  These insights are the foundation of the blog posts, videos, online courses, and other tools and programs that we develop to share with you to help you bring your superpowers to work.

It’s important to me that Call our new career help line from Red Cape Revolutioneverything we do and create here be grounded in your working reality–not some academic fantasy about how someone thinks work works today.

I’m so fortunate to get many of these insights from traveling to speak and coach all over the country. But as I manage through some family health challenges this summer, I’ve peeled back my travel and my commitments with teams and companies. It’s so important for me to be present and available for my family — but I’m already missing you.

So, your questions help me fill in the gaps, stay up-to-date and hopefully be of service to you in the meantime. If you use it, we’ll keep doing it. If you don’t, we’ll move on to another experiment. Hopefully it’s a win-win.

So try the Career Help Line today, and help us while we help you. Call 512.827.0505, ext 2155# and get started.

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