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How to Build Confidence at Work: What to Say When (Free PDF Download)

Finding the right words to build confidence can be hard. Red Cape Revolution can help.

Download my scripts, “What to Say to Build Confidence” here.

I remember it like it was yesterday . . . (cue wayback machine music) . . .

It was Ellen, Cindy, and I on the conference call with our somewhat difficult and unhappy client. As the leader, I needed to navigate through emotions and facts on a project that was not going according to plan.

The call ended positively, to the relief of us all. Since Ellen and Cindy were in another city, I called them to debrief and learn. They answer the phone laughing.

When I ask why, Ellen said, “Darcy, we made a list of the words and phrases we heard you use to manage through the conversation. They worked like magic. We’ve been practicing them ourselves right now.” They then proceeded to mock me endlessly . . .

Mocking aside, I was thinking of Ellen and Cindy years later as I wrote my first guide on what to say to build confidence at work. 

What to Say to Build Confidence: Now Updated & Expanded

If you met me when I was speaking to your company or professional organization about how to build confidence, I might have shared a version with you then. A version is also included in my book, Bring Your Superpowers to Work.

But we recently updated and expanded the guide based on comments and feedback, and I’ve been sharing the new version with my speaking audiences. But I haven’t shared it with readers of this blog, which is just a “duh” on my part.

I value and appreciate you reading and sharing my work more than you can know, and am excited to give you another tool I think you’ll find useful.

So if you’re trying to build your confidence—or you love someone who is— click here to download my free guide, What to Say to Build Confidence.

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