Your Predictions on the Future of Work: 2020 Forward

Your Predictions on the Future of Work_ Red Cape Revolution

What’s the future of work in the new decade? Uhh. . .how long ya got? #bigquestions As I’m writing this, it’s a new year and even a new decade, depending on when you start counting. And as is true every new year, and especially every decade, experts come out of the filing cabinets with their […]Read the full post >>

What Does A Coach Do? 3 Things You Might Not Realize (VIDEO)

What Exactly Does a Coach Do_ Coach Darcy Explains (b)

So, what does a coach do–really? One of our readers asked this question recently as their manager was offering to “coach” them. In this video, Coach Darcy Eikenberg shares the three things a coach REALLY does (and should do)–whether it’s a full-time professional like Coach Darcy, or someone else in your organization who’s coaching. Listen […]Read the full post >>

Winning the Battle of the Brain: Your Key to Career Success [AUDIO]

winning the battle of the brain _ Red Cape Revolution

Sometimes it seems we’re engaged in a series of battles on our way to career success. We battle for the best job, battle our competition, even battle our commute. Phew. No wonder we’re exhausted. But in my coaching work, I’ve discovered that the biggest battle each of us have is actually within our control to […]Read the full post >>