Find Permission to Glow with Kristoffer “KC” Carter [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Kristoffer Carter interview Coach Darcy Eikenberg

One of my favorite lines from my friend Kristoffer (KC) Carter’s new book is this: “The greater the volatility, the more determined we must be to slow down and make better decisions.” It’s something I need to remember, often. Maybe you do, too. That’s why it’s the perfect time for KC’s book,  “Permission to Glow: […]Read the full post >>

Career Change at 50 (or Later) : What You Need to Make It Work

Career Change at 50_ What You Need to Make It Work _ Red Cape Revolution

Making a career change at 50 (or later) isn’t just the realm of the lottery winner or risk-ready entrepreneur. It’s possible for you, too. In fact, more and more people are making some kind of career change at 50+ because they’re ready to make a conscious choice about their life at work. They want a […]Read the full post >>

“I’m In a Box at Work: How Do I Get Out?” [VIDEO]

In a box at work-how do I grow Red Cape Revolution

It’s a struggle many of us have as we grow in our careers: once we’ve mastered what we’re great at, we’re ready for the next challenge. Except those who love us doing what we do (like our boss, leaders, and colleagues) aren’t always excited to help us move forward. That’s when we have to take […]Read the full post >>

How to Avoid Career Burnout (A Guide to What’s Working Now)

How to Avoid Career Burnout_ Red Cape Revolution

If you search “how to avoid career burnout,” you’ll discover tacit advice like: “Get some exercise,” or “Meditate to control your stress,” or “Manage your time better.” Which sounds lovely. But that kind of “wisdom” gives me indigestion. Truth is, the old school ways to avoid career burnout don’t work anymore. That makes sense, right? […]Read the full post >>

Welcome IABC Phoenix Friends!

I’m so glad you registered for our webinar! If you missed it or want to watch it again, here’s the replay. Remember, your registration also included an ebook version of my new book, “Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job.” Check your email for details. Also, get my free toolkit to go […]Read the full post >>

Managing Upward: Common Mistakes & 5 Steps to Avoid Them (+ Scripts)

Managing Upward _ Red Cape Revolution

Managing upward can seem like managing through a minefield. One misstep, and . . . BOOM! But let’s face it. If you’re a smart professional who wants to do good things for your company and your career, you’ve got to master the skill of managing upward–effectively communicating with and influencing your boss and other leaders […]Read the full post >>

Your Predictions on the Future of Work: 2020 Forward

Your Predictions on the Future of Work_ Red Cape Revolution

What’s the future of work in the new decade? Uhh. . .how long ya got? #bigquestions As I’m writing this, it’s a new year and even a new decade, depending on when you start counting. And as is true every new year, and especially every decade, experts come out of the filing cabinets with their […]Read the full post >>

Winning the Battle of the Brain: Your Key to Career Success [AUDIO]

Winning The Battle of the Brain | Red Cape Revolution

Sometimes it seems we’re engaged in a series of battles on our way to career success. We battle for the best job, battle our competition, even battle our commute. Phew. No wonder we’re exhausted. But in my coaching work, I’ve discovered that the biggest battle each of us have is actually within our control to […]Read the full post >>

When Our Enemies Fall

I’m not well-schooled in the specifics of The Bible, but a passage making its way around the popular media today caught my eye. Proverbs 24:17 reads, “Do not rejoice when your enemies fall, and do not let your heart be glad when they stumble.” Of course, folks are using those words as caution against excessive […]Read the full post >>