Why Your Network Sucks (& What to Do About It) with David J.P. Fisher [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Interview with David JP Fisher Coach Darcy Eikenberg

If you’ve ever said, “I know I need to network, but I really hate it!!”, then you need to meet my friend David J.P. Fisher. David, or DFish as he’s known, is a master of networking in ways that are simple, effective, and consistent with who you are. He’s recently updated his two popular networking […]Read the full post >>

Need to Reprioritize at Work? Time to Drop Some Balls [VIDEO]

Need to Reprioritize at Work Red Cape Revolution

When there’s so much to do, it’s up to you to reprioritize at work. Your team’s not going to do it for you. Your leaders likely can’t do it, either. Nope, if it’s making an impact on you, it’s your time to take control and look hard at all the priorities on your plate. But […]Read the full post >>

Use LinkedIn to Connect at Your Target Company for Job Searching [STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO]

Job Searching-Use LinkedIn to Connect at Your Target Company

If you’re job searching, LinkedIn can’t be ignored. Or even if you just want to ramp up your networking in the new world of work, it’s time to dive deeper into how LinkedIn can help you. When combined with the human-focused, real-world networking tools we share here (more of those below), LinkedIn is the engine […]Read the full post >>

I’ve Written the Networking Emails for You (So You Can Start Now)

Written the Networking Emails For You_ Red Cape Revolution(1)

You want me to write NETWORKING EMAILS?  Why would anyone possibly want to network with ME? My heart ached earlier this week when I heard a smart, talented person use those words. This person is thinking hard about what’s next in her career and life. She’s trying to decide whether she can stay where she […]Read the full post >>

Tame the LinkedIn Shame: Simple Steps to Put This Powerful Tool to Work

Tame the LinkedIn Shame _ Red Cape Revolution

So you’ve got a little LinkedIn shame, huh? You know in your head that you should be using this powerful techno monster tool to help manage and grow your network and your career. When you lurk through your newsfeed, you see other people out there, sharing stories, congratulating others on promotions and work-a-versaries, and asking […]Read the full post >>

Networking in Real Life (Guest Post by Michelle Salob)

Networking in Real Life with Michelle Salob (Guest Post on RedCapeRevolution.com)

A word from Coach Darcy: Networking is a word I despise for a process I love. It’s often the difference between a red cape career and having a career that craters.  So when my friend & talent management expert Michelle Salob told me what she’d been learning about networking–and what she wished she’d remembered throughout […]Read the full post >>

The Best Career Advice from Real People in Real Life

Best Career Advice _ Red Cape Revolution

A few weeks ago, I asked our readers to share their best career advice. And wow! The range of answers from people from all different levels of experience and walks of life painted a strong picture of what’s working today to help real people manage their real-life careers. I’ve picked 14 ideas from those who […]Read the full post >>

How to Plan Your Career Retreat (+ Downloadable Planner Inside)

How to Plan Your Career Retreat _ Red Cape Revolution

Maybe you think you have to be a big executive to plan your own career retreat. Maybe you think you have to take a week off, check into a five-star hotel, and sit in silent meditation until your future becomes clear. Ah . . . no. You—yes, you—can plan your own career retreat, even if […]Read the full post >>

Managing Through a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan)–What to Do & Say

Managing Through A PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) _ Red Cape Revolution

Even the best of us have gotten our signals crossed at work. And when things get troublesome, we’ve found ourselves managing through a PIP: a performance improvement plan. A reader wrote recently and asked me about managing through hers. Here’s her story, and my suggestions for managing through your own PIP with clarity, confidence, and […]Read the full post >>