The Best Career Advice from Real People in Real Life

Best Career Advice _ Red Cape Revolution

A few weeks ago, I asked our readers to share their best career advice. And wow! The range of answers from people from all different levels of experience and walks of life painted a strong picture of what’s working today to help real people manage their real-life careers. I’ve picked 14 ideas from those who […]Read the full post >>

Help! I’m Afraid to Ask for More Money at Work (& What to Do If That’s You)

Help! I'm Afraid to Ask for More Money (& What to Do Now _

“I think I’m worth more, but honestly, Darcy, I’m afraid to ask for more money at work. What if it ticks my boss off? Do I look greedy? Or what if she says no? Or even worse, what if I’m wrong and I’m really not worth it? Help!!” If you’ve ever wanted to ask for […]Read the full post >>

How to Plan Your Career Retreat (+ Downloadable Planner Inside)

How to Plan Your Career Retreat _ Red Cape Revolution

Maybe you think you have to be a big executive to plan your own career retreat. Maybe you think you have to take a week off, check into a five-star hotel, and sit in silent meditation until your future becomes clear. Ah . . . no. You—yes, you—can plan your own career retreat, even if […]Read the full post >>

Managing Through a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan)–What to Do & Say

Managing Through A PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) _ Red Cape Revolution

Even the best of us have gotten our signals crossed at work. And when things get troublesome, we’ve found ourselves managing through a PIP: a performance improvement plan. A reader wrote recently and asked me about managing through hers. Here’s her story, and my suggestions for managing through your own PIP with clarity, confidence, and […]Read the full post >>

“My Skills Are Not Being Utilized” (& What to Do If That’s You)

What to do when your skills aren't being utilized

I’ve recently been asking you to share more of YOUR real-world, real life questions about decisions  and choices you need to make in your life at work. Here’s one I hear all the time: “What do I do if my skills are not being utilized?” (Personally, I hate the word “utilized” for anything having to […]Read the full post >>

What to Do When Your Company Is Acquired

Your company's been acquired--now what

Recently, not just one, but two of my client companies work were acquired by other firms. And there’s just no way around it—if it’s your company, you get worried. I hate thinking about you worrying about your career and as a result, worrying about your life. So, for the ones I love and those I’ll […]Read the full post >>

Get Ready for Your Annual Review: What to Do Now


Is it time to get ready for your annual review? If you’re like most of my clients who work in corporate environments, the answer is always “yes”! No matter if your company evaluates you at the end of the year or at another time, you’ll want to watch this video with my quick suggestions on […]Read the full post >>