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Need to Reprioritize at Work? Time to Drop Some Balls [VIDEO]

Need to Reprioritize at Work Red Cape Revolution

When there’s so much to do, it’s up to you to reprioritize at work.

Your team’s not going to do it for you. Your leaders likely can’t do it, either.

Nope, if it’s making an impact on you, it’s your time to take control and look hard at all the priorities on your plate.

But how do you let anything go? How can you keep moving forward with the most important things and not get distracted by the rest?

It’s time to drop some balls.

It’s one of the five “stay” strategies I teach in my on-demand video course on how to decide whether to stay or leave your job.

In this video, I mention the book Essentialism: the Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown (affiliate link).

Key takeaways:

More work does not equal a better career. What makes a better career is more valuable work. We can choose to do less and make a bigger difference.

You’re not a computer. You can’t add more bandwidth to create more capacity.

If you’re thinking about leaving your job because there’s too much expected in your job, try to reprioritize the work first by dropping some balls. It’s significantly easier and often more productive than going through the pain of finding a new job.

Dropping the balls that don’t matter help you work in your superpower space. It’s good for your company as well as for you. Do the math:  if we divided your salary by hours and you were making $200 an hour, but you are doing work that someone could be hired to do for $25 an hour, how would that make financial sense for your organization?

Dropping balls also cleans up wasteful projects, reports, or repetitive processes that no longer make sense for the organization.

When we reprioritize at work, it helps leaders see more clearly where the gaps are. When you pick up all the balls and take care of everything, it’s not obvious to your organization that it’s time to hire, or fire or fix or change processes or tools. We have to let some of those gaps show in order for people around us to be able to see that it’s a problem to be fixed.

Reprioritizing at work doesn’t mean you should slack off or stop doing things that are important. But it means making a more conscious effort to choose what you’re doing and what you’re not.

Review the list in the video for ideas on what to drop or change. More here and here.

If one of the reasons you’re thinking about a change is because your job is become too overwhelming, too big and/or doesn’t have enough meaning for you, it’s time to reprioritize at work and drop some balls.

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