How to Ask for More Support at Work

how to ask for more support at work _ Red Cape Revolution _ Darcy Eikenberg, PCC

If you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed by your to-do list at work, you’re not alone. And while you quietly know you’re capable of doing the things on the list, you might wonder whether you should be doing some of them—especially those things that aren’t making the biggest difference for your company or for your career. […]Read the full post >>

5 Scary Career Moves You’re Making (And What to Do Instead)

5 Scary Career Moves _ Coach Darcy Eikenberg

Made any scary career moves lately? Not like deciding to leave your accounting job and start a goat farm . . . Or leaving your goat farm to join an accounting firm . . . No, the true scary moves are ones you’re making without even realizing you’re making them. They’re the ones getting in […]Read the full post >>

Mine Your Mistakes: A Strategy For More Courage in Your Career

Mine Your Mistakes_ Career Courage Strategy from Coach Darcy(2)

Want more courage in your career? One place to start is to mine your mistakes. We all make them–even the smartest among us. Mining our mistakes helps us get clear about what’s gotten in our way in the past, so we can create new strategies to go forward. Here’s more in this short clip (4 […]Read the full post >>

Managing The Messy Middle In Your Projects (& Your Career)

Managing the Messy Middle In Your Projects (& Your Career) _ Red Cape Revolution

If you’re engaged in any work that’s worthwhile, I can promise you this: It’s going to have a messy middle. That big project you’re leading at work? I don’t care how many times you’ve run the same plan before, it’ll all fall apart somewhere before everything falls into place. Your carefully navigated career? The days […]Read the full post >>

Need More Courage in Your Career? A Dozen Questions to Answer Now

need more courage in your career Red Cape Revolution can help

If you need more courage in your career, you’re not alone. It’s more challenging than ever to be brave at work. No matter how wonderful our company is, we can often feel like we’re balancing on a tightrope if we try to push out of the corporate comfort zone. As you dig deep for more […]Read the full post >>

Celebrating Success at Work: What’s Your One Shining Moment?

Celebrating success at work _ Red Cape Revolution

If you’re a US college basketball fan, you’ve no doubt heard the song One Shining Moment. It’s traditionally played at the end of the NCAA tournaments, accompanied by action-packed and emotion-filled clips of the competition’s players, coaches, and fans. “That one shining moment, you reached for the sky– One shining moment, you knew– One shining […]Read the full post >>

3 Strategies to Get Your Ideas Get Heard (When No One Seems to Notice) –VIDEO

Have you ever struggled to get your ideas heard? If you’re like the reader who submitted this question, you’re frustrated when you have great ideas and they don’t seem to get noticed or even heard. If that’s you, here are my three strategies you can use right now. (Note: this video was originally recorded live […]Read the full post >>

How to Increase Your Confidence by 27% [VIDEO]

How to Increase Your Confidence at Work,

Need to learn how to increase your confidence? In this video, I share a story from a client who needed to increase her confidence just a little bit–but fast! If knowing how to increase your confidence would help you take better control of your life at work, watch this now! This video was originally recorded […]Read the full post >>

Tell Your Story at Work: 21 Questions to Get You Started

Tell Your Story at Work_ 21 Questions to Get You Started

Our brains are emotionally wired to respond to stories better than we respond to facts, figures or other data. So if you’re not using stories to influence and connect with others, you’re missing a key element from your professional practices. But how do you tell your story at work, and use it to build relationships, […]Read the full post >>