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Why I Wrote “Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job”

why I wrote red cape rescue

As I look back on this year, I’ve been asked this question so many times: WHY did I write “Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job”?

Here’s why: you have more options than you think, and more power than you know.

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Why I Wrote “Red Cape Rescue” —Transcript

I wrote “Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job” for the person who has always had some level of success, but hits a speed bump. They’re the smart person, the person, everybody looks at and says, Oh, great job, they work for a great company, they, they must do well, everything must be going great for them. But there’s something that’s not going so well.

And it could be something that’s approaching from the outside, it could be a change in the industry, or in the profession, or in your company or your leadership. Or it could be the change on your inside, maybe hitting a birthday with a zero on the end or some other family health scare something else, personally, that’s affecting you.

But what I’ve seen happen too often is that when a person like that person, maybe like you, hit that speed bump, hits that place, where they get stuck, where it’s just not right, that something’s not quite right. It’s not making them happy at work, it’s not making them feel like they can do their best work. They think they only have two options.

They think one option is to leave–it’s broken, I should leave. And often what I see happen is people jump there first. And they start to do a job search. And then they realize, oh, looking for a job isn’t as easy as just clicking a button on LinkedIn. And they might have a few conversations might do a little bit of networking. But it takes time it takes energy. It’s confusing in many ways. And so they end up saying, “Well, I don’t have space for that right now.”

And then they choose option two, which is “I have a good job, I should just be happy where I am.” So I’ll just stay stuck, I’ll just stay here. That doesn’t work either. Because then you continue to be unhappy, and you continue to not be giving your best to things you want to be giving to the world.

So I wrote “Red Cape Rescue” to give you the third option:  simple practical tools to change your life at work, without having to change everything in your life. To be able to understand why some of the things at work might not be working for you. And to have actions you can take; ways you can think differently, things you could say differently, things you could do differently, to be able to create change right where you are.

And that’s the person that I wrote the book for. I worry that we spend way too much time in our lives feeling stuck, feeling less than feeling frustrated about our lives at work. And it’s time for us to take back control. And these techniques are proven practical ways that you can take back control of your life at work and be able to create whatever change you need to make.

Red Cape Rescue by Darcy Eikenberg is available now