Is It the Culture? Or Is It You?

News of the World. Atlanta Public Schools. Your brother’s company; your neighbor’s office. It’s the damn workplace culture. When it’s good, things seem to click. When it’s bad, though, it generates actions that feel wasteful (at best) and even unethical (at worst). Well, I have a secret to tell you. And you’re not gonna like it, especially if you’ve gotten used to using “the culture” as an excuse for the way things are at work–a way to lay blame for the things you don’t like doing, thinking, or believing; but do, think and believe anyway. […]Read the full post >>

Are You Crazy Curious?

How often have you heard someone in your office, when faced with a detailed explanation, say “hey, dude, TMI (too much information)–I don’t wanna know.” But the reality is that knowing more–just a little more–can open up the lucky strikes you’re looking for—those flashes of possibility that become part of your superpowers. How many times […]Read the full post >>