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From Snow to Go: Planning Ahead for the Wait

Some of my work in the Red Cape Revolution involves building people’s abilities (and often the confidence!) to shake up the status quo and create the work and career change they need. Most see changes from the very start of our work together, and that feeds their desire–and willingness–to work toward more.

But for others, creating those changes can take time. And boy, do we hate to wait!

We want to have it now, enjoy it now, and do it now.  Our whole culture has shifted to “now”–we don’t have to struggle anymore to remember who sang our favorite song in high school; we can hum a few bars into to our phones and find the answer in an instant. We don’t have to argue whether it’s shorter to turn left here or keep going straight; GPS tells us what to do. We don’t have to wait to review your spreadsheet when the plane lands; we can tap into onboard WiFi (as long as the guy in front of us doesn’t recline his seat into our laptop.)

Like most of us, I hate to wait, too. But I keep being reminded that the waiting is worth it, as long as we’ve planned ahead.

I was recently reminded of this by my friend Melissa. You see, during one of the umpteenth snow storms that hit their New Jersey home last winter, Melissa did something she always wanted to do. She and her son made an armful of snowballs, put them in a Ziploc bag and stowed them in the freezer. And waited.

And now, it’s late July, and the East Coast temps are about to top 100 degrees under the so-called “heat dome” of crazy weather.

Because she planned, then waited, Melissa will enjoy what she calls a “brief but delicious” snowball fight with her family this weekend. I’m jealous.

What can you plan now that will be delicious to wait for? What can put in your own “freezer” today, ready to thaw out when you need it later? Here are some starter ideas:

  • Scheduling lunch for this fall with the VP of your department (probably the soonest you’ll get on her calendar anyway, right?)
  • Updating your LinkedIn profile so recruiters and colleagues can find you easier–who knows who might need you in the future?
  • Swapping one beach novel for one insightful business book that may give you fresh idea for the future (I’m currently reading [amazon_link id=”1591844010″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Todd Henry’s “Accidental Creative[/amazon_link]”–more to come on that when I’m done!)

Waiting without planning is just waste, and I hate waste. Don’t listen to John Mayer and wait for the world to change–what changes can you plan now to wait for later? I’d love to hear your ideas in the reply box below, or on Facebook. I already know it’ll be worth the wait.