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Are You Wearing Your Red Cape? We Want to Hear from You!

Mastering the Art of Bragging, by professional speaker Darcy Eikenberg

Lazy days of summer–ha!! From what I  hear from many of you, you’re busy thinking about–if not yet doing — the work to discover your superpowers, put on your red cape and start bringing it all to your career and life!

Well, we want to hear from you!! Tell our Red Cape Revolutionaries your stories, your challenges, your frustrations, your achievements. You have 100% permission to brag on yourself here–and 100% permission to ask for help and ideas. That’s what we’re here for! (In fact, I personally learn as much from your questions as hopefully you do from the answers, so don’t hold back!)

How to connect? Comment here on the blog, drop a line on our Facebook walltweet us or contact me & my team the old-fashioned way via email. Plus, you might find yourself kudos and congratulated in our twice-monthly Community News, too. (Not receiving it? Sign up at the top of the page now. Once you’ve confirmed your email, you’ll also get our fun 12-day Quick Tips series, Reinvent Your Life at Work!)

One response to “Are You Wearing Your Red Cape? We Want to Hear from You!”

  1. Darcy,
    I have just read your article about corporate culture and agree with most of your commments. I might add it is most important in the hiring process for the prospective employee to determine as much as possible about the corporate culture. This can be partialy done in the interview process as well as talking to current and previous employees. As an example,your quote of Rupert Murdock’s about anything is fair ,including hacking phone calls is acceptable in getting the story was apparently well known in the Company.If the Chairman or CEO expouses these characteristics you do not want to be part of it. No measure of your efforts can change such a corporate culture. It is most important that you examine the integrity and honesty of the management team. If you work for a company that has questionable ethics you should resign, even in this climate of high unemployment.