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How to Bring Your Superpowers to Work -Tip 6: Believe It Matters

Here’s the last tip in our series on How to Bring Your Superpowers to Work. If you’ve missed any so far, you can catch up below! (Like this series? Spread the word using the tools at right!)

Tip #6: Believe It Matters

Why put yourself through this, anyway—all this rigamarole about capes and superpowers and soaring and stuff? Why can’t you go back to how it used to be, even if what used to be wasn’t so hot? Why isn’t the “same as usual” good enough? When bringing your superpowers to work seems hard, overwhelming, or just plain wacky, why bother? When things seem more challenging, time-consuming, or more emotional than ever before, who cares?

Well, you do, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this post. You care, and you’ve got to believe that it matters.

Here’s why. Let’s start by agreeing there are a heckload of problems in our world. (Maybe in your company they call them “challenges” or “opportunities.”) Let’s just face it–things are broken! We each play witness to these problems all the time, big and small, across the street and across the ocean.

At the same time, I have the great gift to have a job that takes me into rooms–conference rooms, offices, auditoriums, church basements, break rooms, theatres, you name it. And there are people in these rooms–people just like you.  I have the great blessing to talk to these people, teach a little and mostly learn about the great things they’re doing even if they’re not so sure it’s great. I see the energy they bring, and feel the passion that’s loaded behind their eyes and in their hearts. They’re ready to burst.

Everyday, those rooms prove to me that there’s a whole lot of superpowers ready and waiting out there. What if we could take the safety lock off more of those superpowers and aim them at more of the problems we face? What would happen to our companies, communities, and even our world then? The possibilities are astounding—and real.

But this kind of exciting, transformative has to happen one person at a time. No company, country, government, or religion can decree it so. It has to be you.

Bringing your superpowers to work matters. Believing  you can is the first step toward doing what you will. Wearing your Red Cape proudly, and feeling in clear, confident, and control makes a difference—not only to you, but to all around you who benefit by your example.

I know you have a gift—or several—that will make a difference not only in your worklife but also in the lives of others.  It’d be a shame to keep that all hidden inside. So believe why it matters—and that the world needs you.


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