If I Was Your Mom: Advice for a Red Cape Career

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Full disclosure: I’m not a mom. But as a coach, speaker & writer, it’s my responsibility to pass along the mom-like career advice that I know works–especially the ideas I’ve learned that ensure you create a red cape career.

A red cape career is one where you’re bringing your superpowers to work, and you feel like you’re soaring. You have the clarity you need, the confidence you want, and the control that helps you take the actions that matter for you.

Now, I am definitely not your mom. But if I was, here’s career advice I’d give you so you can have a red cape career, as well as a great life.

1. Know that you’re better than you think you are.

Understand that your primal lizard brain is always working overtime to protect you. But you’re a grown-up now, and you can make the right decisions for you.

(Listen to my free audio to help you win the battle of the brain, here).

2. If you’re not sure what to do, first, listen to the whispers

You may have to get really, really quiet to hear them. The whispers are always pulling you toward growth.

3. You only control three things.

You control everything you say, everything you do, and everything you think. And that’s a lot. (More here.)

4. Turn off the TV and get out of the house.

There’s a whole lotta world out there. Pick up a newspaper (yes, they still exist) and find an interesting event to attend that’ll get you out of your comfort zone. You can live without TV (as you know, I do.)

5. Don’t get intimidated by the successes of others.

You’re not seeing their pain as clearly as you see your own. Plus, who you are and what you do looks more amazing to others than you think. Perspective matters.

6. Focus on being interested, not on being interesting.

7. Readers are leaders.

Books will show you worlds you’ll never get to know otherwise. Find some here and my own here.

8. Work hard to be on time.

It’s simply a sign of respect.

9. Give others the benefit of the doubt until the facts show there is no doubt.

10. Take a click-free day.

You won’t miss anything. (More on how, here.)

11. Whenever you’re starting something big, expect in advance that you’ll make a mistake.

Then, when that happens, you can say, “Ah–there you are, mistake–I’ve been expecting you!” That way you don’t have to fume and fuss–you can just move on.

12. Yes, written thank you notes still matter.

13. The clock takes care of everything.

If this day sucks, it will pass.

14. Do what you need to do for you, not for me or anyone else.

15. Don’t let one small issue color your entire day.

It’s like holding a sparkling clear glass of water, and releasing one tiny drop of ink into the glass. That tiny drop colors everything. Empty the glass and fill it up with clean water again.

16. Bad behavior–yours or others’– is just fear in disguise.

Trace the actions back to the fear and you’ll know how to react.

(My video on ways to tackle fear in your career here.)

17. You’re ready now.

You don’t have to be more prepared or better dressed or better looking. Show up with a plan to listen and learn, and that’ll be enough.

Need more advice—or even just a trusted, safe sounding board so that you can decipher all the advice in your head? It’s time to work with a professional like me.  I work with leaders and professionals like you to help you make sense of all the chatter and decide what’s best for YOU. An initial chat with me is fast, free & completely confidential.

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