Like many of you, I read a lot of business books. A LOT.

But it’s often so hard to pick out the good ones from the yawners.

So I’m always on the lookout for books that are worth the investment in my time, and I keep a list that I often share with coaching clients or friends, and I’d like to share it with you, too.

Always, Darcy

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P.P.S. All book links are Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you buy from that link, Amazon pays me a few cents in exchange for the referral. The purchase really means more for the author, who also doesn’t make a ton of money on book sales but it “counts” as a vote to help convince them to write the next one. But my goal is for you to READ (or listen), not necessarily buy. So feel free to request these at your public library (or from public library e-book services Libby or Overdrive.)

Darcy's Book Club -Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath

The Power of Moments, by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

Proof that the little things matter. The Heath brothers really make you think about how you can do small things that stand out.

Get your copy here. 

Darcy's Book Club- Introverted Leader by Jennifer Kahnweiler

The Introverted Leader by Jennifer B. Kahnweiler

More in my interview here:

Author Jennifer Kahnweiler & The Introverted Leader (VIDEO)

Get your copy here.

Darcy's Book Club-Managing Transitions by William and Susan Bridges

Managing Transitions, by William Bridges

I’ve probably given more copies of this book away than ever. If you’re managing through change, get this one now.

Get your copy here.

Darcy's Book Club-Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

Building a Story Brand, by Donald Miller

If you want to do a better job of telling the story about your business, your product or service, your department or just plain YOU, start here.

Get your copy here.

Darcy's Book Club-Hunch by Bernadette Jiwa

Hunch, by Bernadette Jiwa

Intuition is a crazy thing. When does it work for us, and when is it a path to bias?

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Darcy's Book Club-When.Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink

When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, by Daniel H. Pink

We talk a lot about “what” to do, but how often to we focus on the “when?” A great read.

Get your copy here.

Darcy's Book Club-Herding Tigers by Todd Henry

Herding Tigers: Be the Leader That Creative People Need, by Todd Henry

I work with a lot of creative people in jobs that don’t seem creative from the outside. If their leaders only knew the things Todd shares in this book, they’d all have a better life at work.

Get your copy here.

Darcy's Book Club-The Dip by Seth Godin

The Dip, by Seth Godin

I could have picked almost any of Seth’s published works to include here–and will probably add more later–but The Dip is the book that’s helped me the most.

Seth’s premise is that the age-old mindset of “winners never quit” is just plain wrong.

In fact, he says, winners quit all the time. Quitting some things is the only way to make room to focus on the right thing for you.

Bonus: super short.

Get your copy here.

Darcy's Book Club- Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown

Braving the Wilderness, by Brené Brown

I’m constantly trying to stretch my courage muscles, and Brene’s work helps. Try this book or her latest work for leaders, Dare to Lead: Brave Work, Tough Conversations, Whole Hearts.

Get your copy here.

The Snowball System by Mo Bunnell

More in my interview here:

My Chat with Mo Bunnell, Author of The Snowball System [VIDEO]

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How about you? What are you reading?

Love to hear your book recommendations–email me here and let’s chat.