13 Ways to Create Career Independence

13 Ways to Create Career Independence _ Red Cape Revolution

Once again, it’s Independence Day in the United States of America. It’s a good time to remind ourselves of all the ways we can exercise our independence, especially in our career. So, in honor of the thirteen original colonies that bravely started this union, here are thirteen ideas (plus tools) you can use this holiday weekend to create your own career independence.

13 Ways to Create Career Independence

1. Get clarity about who you are and what you want.

2. Review all of your expenses, and trim the ones that don’t matter. Financial freedom can give you career freedom.Time for a career spark? Red Cape Revolution can help

3. Practice what to say to build your confidence (click here for our free downloadable tool.)

4. Discover your superpowers.

5. Update your LinkedIn profile, including a photo (get over yourself–seeing your face matters). Add a great headline telling the world who you are and what you do. (See mine and link with me here.)

6. Create a vision for your future. Take one baby step toward it.

7. Turn off the TV and read a good career book (like this one).

8. Share a good business book with your boss or another influencer in your career.

9. Stop saying you’re stuck.  Get unstuck.

10. Write a snail mail thank you note to someone in your worklife.Join the Red Cape Revolution with Executive Coach Darcy Eikenberg

11. Learn how to fall back in love with your job.

12. Decide–really decide–whether it’s time to quit your job or to stick.

13. Take the next step to move forward and join me for a confidential 30-minute conversation. There, you can ask questions, get honest answers, and get a taste of how professional coaching support can help you move forward, faster. Plus, it’s  fast, free & completely confidential.

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