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Managing Change at Work? Hit the Reset Button

When we’re managing change at work, it’s easy to get stuck.

We can feel lost, confused, and believe we’ll never get to the other side—whatever that looks like.

Since managing change won’t go away, we need to learn new skills about how to adapt and thrive. In this video, I share the ways we all can manage change at work by remembering we always have one important tool: the ability to hit the reset button.

Watch this snippet from a client presentation on Managing Change at Work  (4 minutes, 58 seconds).

Managing Change at Work: Unedited transcript

We get the opportunity managing change to do one of two things. We can choose chaos, which is what most people do, oh, no one knows what’s going on, oh, it’s so hard. Or we get to choose creativity. That’s what the reset button is.

So, here’s my question for you. What of these things is your perfect opportunity to reset? What of these things do you need to reset maybe just one, it could be a relationship, it could be, you need to recommunicate the relationship about what you do. Or maybe it’s a, an outcome, or it’s an expectation. Or maybe it’s your habit that, hey, you know, when my boss texts me at eight o’clock at night, I always respond, maybe it’s time to reset that habit, as you create what’s next in a way that works better for you.

And these are magic words that can help you get that started, they can help you start the conversation. And here’s the magic words, all of this change has made me think about X, that thing you want to reset. So I’d like to talk about moving from X to Y, whatever that new state is, whatever that new vision is going to be.

Oftentimes, we know there’s a new place we want to be we know there’s a place further down the plan we want to be. And yet we don’t know how to get started, we don’t know how to hit the reset button. These magic words can help you get that started, can help you get the reset started that you need the reframe the rethink, on the things that matter to you the most. So that you can be bringing your value you can be seen as as the value creator that you are, and not just a commodity we get the chance.

Now more than ever, we get the chance to teach people how to treat us. You know, often in let’s call normal times, I’d like another word for normal. But you know, in like, the times we become used to we accept others’ behavior or how others see us. And it just becomes too much energy to recast those relationships, or to re-educate somebody or to go back and start from scratch.

This is that chance, this is that chance to think where are the places in these new relationships and are these old relationships where I get to create new again, where I can teach somebody how to treat me how to treat the work that we do, where I get to speak up, I get to take control, I get to ask for different behavior, I get to ask for different input.

Choosing creativity over chaos gives you the chance to create that so that what’s ahead for you is more of what you want, and not just what’s bent.

So here’s the next question for you, or the statement for you to answer or to dive into the one thing that I can reset, repair or reframe right now in my life at work is and I do qualify it to your life at work. But I have to admit that this could be something that you need to do in your life. You know, maybe there’s a reframe that you need to make with the people you’re sharing space with. It’s happening to a lot of us right now. Or maybe it’s with yourself.

But think about the one thing where you like to hit the reset button. And the use this time use this place we are right now as that gift to be able to do that. We get into habits of human beings. I mean, this is just our nature, right? It’s human beings are messy. We have emotions, which are fantastic, because it’s a motion that puts you in motion. But we can sometimes choose a negative emotion and feel like we’re stuck and we have no control. We want to choose the positive emotion and say like I actually can control what I say what I do what I think. And so I want to reset that. Pick the thing you want to reset.

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