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Are You Celebrating at Work Enough? Five Things to Start

Are you celebrating enough

I like a good celebration as much as anyone.

But do we really need to start celebrating Halloween before summer is officially over? Do we need to hear Christmas carols on the radio in September?

Well, maybe we do.

As I talk to coaching clients and members of my speaking audiences, I’ve noticed an increased desire—a hunger, even—for celebrating at work, more often, more openly.

We want to recognize all the good work that’s going on, to hold it up to the light and be happy about. It’s almost like we are looking for permission to celebrate our work lives.

Permission granted.

With that thought in mind, here are five things you may want to start celebrating at work right now. 

Are You Celebrating at Work Enough? Five Things to Start

1. The Start of a Perfectly Fine Day

When you wake up, you win.

Even if you’re achy, tired, stressed, [insert your condition here], you’re still awake and alive,  so why not celebrate that simple but powerful truth?

There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a little pat on the back, dancing a little jig in the mirror, or generally appreciating the fact that you’re a living human being with another chance to bring your superpowers to your work and the world.

I’m sorry to break the news to you, but it won’t always be that way.

So why pass up celebrating it now?

2. The End of a Perfectly Fine Day

If the start of a day is worth a hat tip, so’s the end.

Recognizing and appreciating all of the things you did that day by writing an end-of-day list is an incredibly powerful habit to cultivate.

It’s a lot more motivating than moaning over all that’s left to do.

It’s easy to do– just write down everything you did today, no matter how big or small.

No matter how long the list is, it’s always helpful to see what you’ve done in front of you.

Be totally nonjudgemental. If you want to add qualifying statements to your list (“Rocked the presentation to my prospect”), go right ahead. I have clients who use an end-of-day list to record the new behaviors and choices they’re trying to incorporate into their leadership styles (such as “Confronted Bob honestly today about the deadlines missed.”)

No matter if you use it or how you use it, the tool can help you look back and celebrate the day gone by.

3. The End of a Perfectly Crappy Day

If we’re going to celebrate the end of the good days, let’s definitely celebrate the end of the bad ones.

Goodbye, good riddance, glad you’re in the rearview mirror. ‘Nough said.

4. The Success of Your Favorite Colleague, Client, or Customer

People are doing awesome things all around you. Have you noticed?who can you celebrate today?

If not, maybe it’s time.

Look up and see what good stuff is happening for the people in your professional world—especially those you really care about and admire. LinkedIn is a great source for this.

If you haven’t noticed or been out on LinkedIn for a while, your LinkedIn Newsfeed lists work anniversaries, promotions, or other accomplishments your colleagues are making.

It’s a great place to make a comment and add your congratulations or recognition for the good things happening for others.

People do notice, and it’s a great way to get noticed without networking.

5. Your Own Success & Positive Forward Action

So, what have you celebrated about YOU lately? Yes, you.

Don’t give me that hogwash about there not being anything special to celebrate about you, your work and your life.

Don’t get in the conversation drain trap that many successful professionals keep circling in, with words like:

  • “I’m not doing anything special right now.”
  • “I’m just doing my job.”
  • “Not much great stuff going on here–just work.”

No matter what you do, there is something to celebrate, to honor, to appreciate in your life at work.

We don’t have to wait until the end of projects or the “big wins” to celebrate.

Even if things are not perfect, I bet you can find a positive, forward action that is worth acknowledging. What about:

  • Not losing your cool when your client reschedules the meeting—again;
  • Delivering the work you promised exactly as you promised (psst–not everyone does this);
  • Smiling and sending good energy to people you see wherever you are—the mailroom, the airport, the parking lot, etc.

When we pay attention to these little successes, it helps us build our confidence and readiness for more success.

So throw some cake and balloons at your own success right now. You’ve earned it.

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