How Do I Get 500 Connections on LinkedIn? (5 Steps & Scripts)

Get 500 connections on LinkedIn _ Darcy Eikenberg

“How do I get 500 connections on LinkedIn?,” she sighed. “And does LinkedIn really matter anyway?” Let’s cut to the chase, last question first. Yes, if you’re a professional working today, you’re just being lazy if you’re not on LinkedIn. It matters. Sorry to be so blunt, but dancing around it doesn’t help. And even […]Read the full post >>

Creating Introvert-Friendly Workplaces with Jennifer Kahnweiler [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Introvert-Friendly Workplaces with Coach Darcy and Jennifer Kahnweiler | Red Cape Revolution

Is your workplace introvert-friendly? Whether you work remotely or go to a physical office each day, our work environment makes a difference to not only our productivity, but our emotional and physical health, too. If you’re an introvert, you’ll appreciate the strategies we discuss here that support you. Or, if you’re an extrovert, our conversation […]Read the full post >>

Is it Time for a Relationship Reset at Work? How to Know & What to Do

Time for a Relationship Reset at Work _ Red Cape Revolution

It’d been six months since Sarah’s colleague Alexandra became her new boss. She was fine with it at the time, and even relieved that someone who knew her well would now be in charge of the department. And then . . .things changed. Sarah couldn’t put her finger on it, but she noticed she was […]Read the full post >>

5 Career Mistakes You’re Making (But Breathe. All Can Be Fixed)

You’d think that with all the info available at our fingertips that we could forever cease making career mistakes. And you’d be wrong. Career mistakes are not only common, but they’re happening more often than ever as we get caught up listening to old, outdated advice–advice that no longer works for our real lives at […]Read the full post >>

Managing Upward: Common Mistakes & 5 Steps to Avoid Them (+ Scripts)

Managing Upward _ Red Cape Revolution

Managing upward can seem like managing through a minefield. One misstep, and . . . BOOM! But let’s face it. If you’re a smart professional who wants to do good things for your company and your career, you’ve got to master the skill of managing upward–effectively communicating with and influencing your boss and other leaders […]Read the full post >>

9 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Buttons Get Pushed

Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Buttons Get Pushed _

How often do your buttons get pushed at work? (Oh, you know the buttons I mean–the ones where a comment, action, or even an email can fire you up so H-O-T that we could roast weenies on your brain.) Here’s a secret you need to know about today’s world of work. It’s highly likely you’re […]Read the full post >>

Why You Need Emotion at Work

Why You Need Emotion at Work _Red Cape Revolution

Most of us have been taught that there’s no room for emotion at work. We were told “it’s not personal, it’s just business.” Well, we’ve been taught wrong. Work is always personal. And as long as human beings are doing the work, it will always stay personal. Want proof? Even when we humans are programming our droids, […]Read the full post >>

What to Do When Your Coworker is Slacking

What to Do When Your Coworker is Slacking

No matter where you work or what you do, there’ll be a time when you’ll notice a coworker is slacking. Maybe he starts missing deadlines, or she doesn’t respond to requests quickly. Or maybe you just notice that the focus, energy or spark that was once apparent in your coworker now seems to be flickering […]Read the full post >>

Want to Communicate Better at the Office? Stop Clicking & Start Connecting

Want to communicate better at the office_ Strategies from

A new client of mine—a high performing, up-and-coming leader—recently got feedback that he needed to communicate better at the office. So we sat down together to get clear on the current situation and to start planning new actions. As  we talked in his office, I snooped over his shoulder at his desktop. What I saw […]Read the full post >>