Why You Need Emotion at Work

Why You Need Emotion at Work _Red Cape Revolution

Most of us have been taught that there’s no room for emotion at work. We were told “it’s not personal, it’s just business.” Well, we’ve been taught wrong. Work is always personal. And as long as human beings are doing the work, it will always stay personal. Want proof? Even when we humans are programming our droids, […]Read the full post >>

What to Do When Your Coworker is Slacking

What to Do When Your Coworker is Slacking _RedCapeRevolution.com

No matter where you work or what you do, there’ll be a time when you’ll notice a coworker is slacking. Maybe he starts missing deadlines, or she doesn’t respond to requests quickly. Or maybe you just notice that the focus, energy or spark that was once apparent in your coworker now seems to be flickering […]Read the full post >>

Want to Communicate Better at the Office? Stop Clicking & Start Connecting

Want to communicate better at the office_ Strategies from RedCapeRevolution.com

A new client of mine—a high performing, up-and-coming leader—recently got feedback that he needed to communicate better at the office. So we sat down together to get clear on the current situation and to start planning new actions. As  we talked in his office, I snooped over his shoulder at his desktop. What I saw […]Read the full post >>

Write Your Own Performance Review: 4 Q’s to Uncover What Really Matters

Write your own performance review _ Red Cape Revolution

Yup, it’s time to write your own performance review. You know, the one where you have to summarize a year’s worth of work and not sound like a braggart. And you’re stuck. How do you write your own performance review that’s not only accurate (natch) but really shows you at your very best? Where do […]Read the full post >>

Tough Conversations at Work: Scripts for When It’s Time for Change

Tough conversations at work _ Red Cape Revolution

Here’s the fact: we avoid honest, tough conversations at work because we fear the consequences. We don’t want anyone to be hurt. Insulted. Angry. And that’s okay. Because that’s just human. (Which is good, by the way, since we need a little more humanity at work.) But what’s also human is to discover you’re at […]Read the full post >>

How to Cultivate 5 Business Relationships (Ones You Don’t Need Right Now)–Guest Post by David J.P. Fisher

Cultivate 5 Business Relationships You Don't Need Right Now (David JP Fisher)

Sure, you’ve heard the advice to “build your network.” “Um, yeah–I’ll get around to it”, you think. “Right after I finish watching Season 4 of Dawson’s Creek. . .” Let’s face it. It’s easy to procrastinate building our networks. But in today’s guest post, my friend David J.P. Fisher shares simple and quick ways to […]Read the full post >>

12 Things Not to Do In Your Next Presentation

12 Things Not to Do In Your Next Presentation _Red Cape Revolution

Getting ready for your next presentation? Whether it’s in front of two people, 200 or 2000, it stuns me that we STILL continue to create —and endure—hours of bad presentations. This has to stop. Before your next presentation –whether you’re delivering it or working with a team –review these 12 don’ts. Some you know and […]Read the full post >>