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Conflict at Work? Imagine Positive Intent First

Conflict at Work Imagine Positive Intent Red Cape Revolution

Whether you’ve been working for a few years or a few decades, you’re going to have conflict at work. I promise (even though that’s a sucky promise to have to make.)

There’s no way around it. Conflict is a normal part of challenging each other’s thinking. When managed well, it actually helps us see new perspectives and connect with each other better than before.

But sure, conflict at work has a bad rap. We think of it as ugly. Most of us shy away from it, letting things fester and hoping those disagreements will just flitter away into the ether.

They rarely do.

Conflict at work doesn’t have to be ugly, and you have more control than you think, including imagining positive intent (one of my favorite strategies that works to change your thoughts, which changes your emotions, which then changes your words and actions).

In this excerpt from the Audible version of my book, “Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job,” I share Alan’s story of how his buttons got pushed and how he imagined positive intent to get to a better outcome.

6 min., 35 seconds

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