The Fastest Way to Debrief After a Crisis in Your Business: A Leader’s Guide

Fastest way to debrief after a crisis_ leader's guide

If you’re a business leader, at some point, you’ll go through a crisis. Maybe it’ll be huge, like a storm that impacts your entire community. Or maybe it’ll only impact your work, like a project that’s gone awry or a client situation that’s blown up. Whatever the crisis, you can be sure that you’ll have […]Read the full post >>

3 Myths About Becoming a Mentor

3 Myths About Becoming a Mentor-2

With all the talented professionals in the world (including those reading this article), you’d think lots of people would want to become a mentor, right? That no one who ever wanted a mentor had to go without? Wrong. In researching and working directly with mentorship programs in companies, professional associations, and universities, I keep hearing […]Read the full post >>

3 Effective Presentation Skills I Learned from Adele

superstar adele taught me effective presentation skills

(All photos courtesy Shannon Guest.) My sister’s friend Shannon invited us to join her in Chicago for a concert with megastar singer and Oscar-winner Adele. Stunning. Moving. Best. Concert. Ever. And a great opportunity to witness powerful, effective presentation skills. So as I get ready for a busy spurt of my own performances (okay, in […]Read the full post >>

The Three Surprising Ways Becoming a Mentor Helps Your Own Career


If you want to grow your leadership skills, someone will likely give you this piece of career advice: “You need a mentor.” Sure, mentors are great. Their support, counsel, and example can be a foundation for how we change and learn. But that advice is only half-right. Because while having a mentor is great, becoming […]Read the full post >>