My Chat with Mo Bunnell, Author of The Snowball System [VIDEO]

Coach Darcy's interview with Mo Bunnell, author of The Snowball System

So you worked hard to gain your professional expertise and status. You’re great at what you do. And now? To move up, to grow, and to make a bigger impact, your company wants you to be able to sell. Ack! You think, “I didn’t become a [fill-in-your-profession-here] to SELL!” You’re not alone. My friend Mo […]Read the full post >>

Four Leadership Strategies To Build More Trust (Psst: They’re Unexpected)

Leadership Strategies to Build More Trust _ Red Cape Revolution

What if I had a magic pill that would instantly make you a better leader? You know, the kind people talk about, fondly, for years –even long after they’ve left the organization? Well, that magic pill exists. It’s called TRUST. We all know when we don’t trust someone. But we don’t always know when someone […]Read the full post >>

When You Don’t Trust Your Gut (3 Questions to Ask)

When you don't trust your gut _ Red Cape Revolution

I’m a big fan of intuition, but here’s one thing I know. You can’t always trust your gut. Sure, that’s a scandalous thing to claim today in an age when leaders are being asked to be more emotionally intelligent, insightful and empathic than ever before. Knowing yourself well–your values, your long-term vision and priorities, your […]Read the full post >>

The Uncomfortable Truths About Trust (& What You Need to Do About it Now)

The uncomfortable truths about TRUST(& what to do about it now)

Imagine it’s the day of your annual performance review. You’re sitting down with your leader to talk about what’s happened, and what’s next. Your technical skills are awesome. Of course they are—you focus on excellence every single day. But your communication skills—the long-mislabeled “soft skills?” Well, you’re told they could use some work. Honestly, you knew […]Read the full post >>

Author Jennifer Kahnweiler & The Introverted Leader (VIDEO)

Coach Darcy's interview with Jennifer Kahnweiler, The Introverted Leader(1)

Ten years ago, the term “introverted leader” might have painted a picture of a shy recluse, reluctantly serving at the head of her company. Oh, how times have changed. Today, the research is clear—introverted leaders are everywhere, and are powerfully using their own superpowers of quiet strength in today’s world of work. Maybe you’re one […]Read the full post >>

What To Say So People Stay (VIDEO)

what to say so people stay _ Red Cape Revolution

If you’re a leader who wants to keep your people engaged, focused and productive, don’t expect that it happens by magic. Just because you’re not hearing about problems doesn’t mean none exist! Discover the specific things you can say so people stay in your organization and continue making the contributions you need them to make. […]Read the full post >>

How to Build Power at Work (the Right Way)

How to build power at work (the right way)(1)

If you tell someone you want to build more power at work, you might get an evil stare. Yes, the idea of power at work gets a bad rap. Abuse it, and you’ll have deserved the headline-grabbing smackdowns, the embarassing dismissals, and the never-to-be-fixed friendships. But cultivate it carefully and use it wisely, and you’ll […]Read the full post >>

Have to Facilitate a Meeting? Steal My Best Rules

Have to facilitate a meeting_ Steal my best rules _ Red Cape Revolution

If you’re asked to facilitate a meeting, you may have one of two reactions: YEAH!!! or UGGGHH. Facilitating is a great opportunity to help bring many different viewpoints together so you can get clear and get moving forward. Whether you’re the official “facilitator” or just a leader who wants to get the most out of […]Read the full post >>

Change Your Company’s Culture: How to Avoid Giving In (Or Giving Up)

Change your company's culture_ Red Cape Revolution(1)

Maybe you’ve TRIED to change your company’s culture. You’ve read books. Shared articles. Talked to your friends, and maybe even to HR. After all, you think, there are great people here, doing great work. They deserve better. Um, except for a few of them. Oh yes, them. The bad apples that spoil the whole bunch, […]Read the full post >>