Change Your Company’s Culture: How to Avoid Giving In (Or Giving Up)

Change your company's culture_ Red Cape Revolution(1)

Maybe you’ve TRIED to change your company’s culture. You’ve read books. Shared articles. Talked to your friends, and maybe even to HR. After all, you think, there are great people here, doing great work. They deserve better. Um, except for a few of them. Oh yes, them. The bad apples that spoil the whole bunch, […]Read the full post >>

The Fastest Way to Debrief After a Crisis in Your Business: A Leader’s Guide

Fastest way to debrief after a crisis_ leader's guide

If you’re a business leader, at some point, you’ll go through a crisis. Maybe it’ll be huge, like a storm that impacts your entire community. Or maybe it’ll only impact your work, like a project that’s gone awry or a client situation that’s blown up. Whatever the crisis, you can be sure that you’ll have […]Read the full post >>

3 Myths About Becoming a Mentor

3 Myths About Becoming a Mentor-2

With all the talented professionals in the world (including those reading this article), you’d think lots of people would want to become a mentor, right? That no one who ever wanted a mentor had to go without? Wrong. In researching and working directly with mentorship programs in companies, professional associations, and universities, I keep hearing […]Read the full post >>