Reset Your Remote Team: 4 Fresh Strategies

Reset Your Remote Team Red Cape Revolution

Hybrid? WFH? WTF! Here’s the truth: if you’re a knowledge worker in a large organization today, you’re probably working with some combination of a remote team, sometime, somewhere.   Maybe you’re in the office, but others aren’t. Or maybe you’re all there together–but just for a day or two. Or maybe everyone in your company […]Read the full post >>

What is Emotional Labor? (VIDEO)

What is Emotional Labor (video) Coach Darcy Eikenberg and Red Cape Revolution

Leadership can be hard. But one thing I’m finding while coaching my leadership clients is that it’s not the work that’s hard–it’s everything surrounding the work. There’s a term for that: emotional labor. But what is emotional labor? On a recent LinkedIn Live, I dug deeper into this topic and reflected on what I’m learning […]Read the full post >>

How to Say Hard Things to Good People at Work

How to Say Hard Things to Good People at Work _ Red Cape Revolution

If you’re a leader of people, projects, or processes, there will come a time when you’ll have to say hard things to good people at work. It’s inevitable. The hard things might be issues that emerge in your company’s regular performance management process. But more often today, we have to find a way to say […]Read the full post >>

How to Listen to the Whispers (And Take Action for Your Career)

How to Listen to the Whispers Coach Darcy Eikenberg and Red Cape Revolution

If you’re hearing a small, quiet voice telling you something needs to change, you’re starting to listen to the whispers. You know the whispers. They’re those faint signals in your brain that represent you at your very best–the you that’s truly possible. But they often get drowned out by the negative noise of our lizard […]Read the full post >>

3 Scary People at Work (& What to Do If One Is You)

3 scary people at work -Red Cape Revolution

No matter whether you’re working remotely or marching mask-first into a traditional office, my bet is that you’ve got a few scary people at work with you. I don’t mean the Slack stalker or the security guard who gives you the stink eye. Those people aren’t truly scary, and you’ve probably figured out how to […]Read the full post >>

How to Be the Boss (Without Leaving Your Job or Starting a New Business)

How to be the boss - Red Cape Revolution

When you were a kid, did you ever put your hands on your hips and furiously yell, “YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!” I did. I think I probably had it yelled at me, too. (Yes, to paraphrase Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, “I’m not bossy–I just have executive leadership skills.”) Now, as a fully-formed grownup […]Read the full post >>

The Fastest Way to Debrief After a Crisis: A Leader’s Guide

Fastest way to debrief after a crisis Red Cape Revolution

If you lead a team, business, professional organization or even a family, at some point you’ll go through a crisis. Maybe it’ll be huge, like a storm that impacts your entire community . . . or a virus that attacks the entire world. Or, in simpler times, it might be that the crisis at hand […]Read the full post >>

The Uncomfortable Truths About Trust (& What You Need to Do About it Now)

The uncomfortable truths about TRUST(& what to do about it now)

Imagine it’s the day of your annual performance review. You’re sitting down with your leader to talk about what’s happened, and what’s next. Your technical skills are awesome. Of course they are—you focus on excellence every single day. But your communication skills—the long-mislabeled “soft skills?” Well, you’re told they could use some work. Honestly, you knew […]Read the full post >>

What Does A Coach Do? 3 Things You Might Not Realize (VIDEO)

What Exactly Does a Coach Do_ Coach Darcy Explains (b)

So, what does a coach do–really? One of our readers asked this question recently as their manager was offering to “coach” them. In this video, Coach Darcy Eikenberg shares the three things a coach REALLY does (and should do)–whether it’s a full-time professional like Coach Darcy, or someone else in your organization who’s coaching. Listen […]Read the full post >>

What to Say So People Stay

What to Say So People Stay Coach Darcy Eikenberg and Red Cape Revolution

If you’re a leader, departures on your team can hurt. They’re not great for your business and are often difficult personally as a comment on your ability to retain your team. Too often, we’re surprised by that knock on the door or resignation email that appears I can’t promise you’ll never experience turnover,  but there […]Read the full post >>