6 Things to Be Thankful For at Work (And 3 May Surprise You)

6 things to be thankful for at work Red Cape Revolution

If you’ve had a bad day—or even a tough year—you might be hunting for things to be thankful for at work. We’re thankful of course for the tough jobs others do that keep us all moving forward: healthcare and hospital workers, police and firefighters, delivery drivers, staff in companies such as grocery stores, senior living […]Read the full post >>

When Back-to-School Means Back to Your Goals: 3 Actions to Take Now

When Back to School Means Back to Your Goals Red Cape Revolution

For kids, back-to-school means buses and backpacks. But for grown-ups like you, the turn of the season might jump-start your desire to get back to your goals—the ones you have for your career and life. We’re suddenly motivated to look at the list of goals and projects we conjured up on January 1 and—after our […]Read the full post >>

3 Reasons to Take a Vacation (Psst: It’s a Career Strategy)

3 Reasons to Take A Vacation Red Cape Revolution

What if the best career strategy you could put in place right now was to plan—and take—your next vacation? Sounds crazy, right? I mean, how can taking time off possibly help grow your career? Haven’t you and I learned that the only way to career success is to work harder, stay focused, and not take […]Read the full post >>

Mindfulness at Work & Your “Perfect Attendance” with Author Harriet Stein

Mindfulness at Work with Harriet Stein Coach Darcy Eikenberg(1)

Is mindfulness at work possible? Or is it just a trendy phase? My friend and mindfulness speaker Harriet Stein joins me to share why the practice of mindfulness isn’t just a woo-woo nice to have anymore. Harriet’s a former nurse-turned-professional speaker and teacher, working with companies all over to use mindfulness at work to reduce […]Read the full post >>

What Mom Taught Me About Work

My mom and me

It’s Mother’s Day, and in writing a card to mine, I realized all the lessons she’s taught me–especially ones I use everyday to help change the world of work. We’d love to hear the lessons your mom taught you, too so share at the end of this post or on our Facebook page. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! […]Read the full post >>

What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything at Work

What to do when you dont feel like doing anything at work Red Cape Revolution

It happens, even to the achievers among us. Sometimes, we don’t feel like doing anything at work. We’re stuck. Frozen, even (and not the Disney kind.) Oh sure, we can hear that teeny voice in our head saying, “Hey! There’s lots to do! Get busy, slacker!” But we just can’t find the right spark to […]Read the full post >>

Make Work Easier: 8 Experiments to Save Time, Money & Stress

Make Work Easier | Red Cape Revolution

A client who leads a large team now 100% remotely, asked me this: “How can I make work easier for my teams, my peers and even myself?” I paused for a minute, with no simple answers in sight, and no obvious easy button in a time that’s been hard for so many. But as we […]Read the full post >>

Your 10-Day Get Focused Plan

10-Day Get Focused Plan Red Cape Revolution

Sometimes I long for simpler times when it was clear how to stay focused on what’s most important. Truth is, though, the only reason I probably could focus was that there were fewer things that screamed for my attention. As leaders, our to-do lists keep getting longer somehow, even though we’re doing, doing, doing, The […]Read the full post >>

Holiday Stress: Tips to Tame It (Today)

holiday stress tips to tame it today Red Cape Revolution

Let’s face it. Managing stress at work is difficult enough. Then along come the holidays. And instead of feeling all the joy and love that the season is supposed to bring, you’re feeling a lot of holiday stress. But the holiday stress monster doesn’t have to eat you alive. You can learn to tame it, […]Read the full post >>