3 (Silly) Beliefs That Stop Us From Asking for Help at Work, in Our Business, & in Our Career


Have you ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated, or confused at work, or in deciding on a next step for your business or career? What did you do? My hope is that you instantly reached out to the nearest trusted friend, colleague or coach, and got immediate relief. But in my everyday conversations with awesome people like […]Read the full post >>

Tell Your Story at Work: 21 Questions to Get You Started

Tell Your Story at Work_ 21 Questions to Get You Started

Our brains are emotionally wired to respond to stories better than we respond to facts, figures or other data. So if you’re not using stories to influence and connect with others, you’re missing a key element from your professional practices. But how do you tell your story at work, and use it to build relationships, […]Read the full post >>

How to Recover When You Fail [VIDEO]

How to Recover When You Fail

If you want to take on greater levels of leadership and personal success, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to know how to recover when you fail. Don’t believe the fantasy that you’ll be the one who’s immune. Mistakes, errors, goofs, failures–they’re all an essential part of our growth. But they’re typically painful, awkward, and draining. […]Read the full post >>