How to Recover When You Fail [VIDEO]

How to Recover When You Fail

If you want to take on greater levels of leadership and personal success, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to know how to recover when you fail.

Don’t believe the fantasy that you’ll be the one who’s immune. Mistakes, errors, goofs, failures–they’re all an essential part of our growth.

But they’re typically painful, awkward, and draining.

So we need strategies now to recover faster and rebuild our confidence when (not if) we fail.

That’s why I recorded these ideas recently in a live broadcast on Facebook.  You can watch it there, too.

Quick Takes: Key Strategies to Recover When You Fail

  • Expect That Failure Will Happen (at 4 min., 16 sec.)
    • What to say to others to set expectations that mistakes will (not may) happen
  • Feel It & Don’t Hide (at 7 min.)
    • How to make our failure visible and real, so we can move into recovery and not reaction
  • Let Yourself Recover  (at 9 min., 7 sec.)
    • How not to let the failure color everything else you’re doing

YOUR TURN: What are YOUR strategies to recover when you fail? What’s worked–and what hasn’t? Email me here or share your experiences and ideas on Facebook.