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Why a Revolution?

Someone said to me, “Okay, I get the red cape part, and I’m processing the superpowers thing. But why a revolution?”

Good question. What is a revolution, anyway? Let’s break it apart in a few different ways:

  • Re means again; as in revisit or rethink.
  • Rev says crank up the engine, generate energy.
  • Evolution is the process of development and growth, progressive change.
  • A volution is a spiral turn or twist around a center, a spiral, such as a whorl in a seashell.

So, mashed all together, a revolution is:

  • Energy
  • Movement
  • Change
  • Progress
  • Growth
  • Twists and turns
  • Again and again

Sound exciting? It is.  Sound dangerous? In Tunisia, yes. Here, maybe, if the danger is in killing old assumptions and behaviors. But this revolution isn’t violent. It’s passionate. It’s persistent. And it’s important.

The Red Cape Revolution is important right now because our world is crying out for more—more of our talents, more of our brainpower, more of our energy, more of our hands and legs, more of our caring and love–yes, love, even in the workplace. The challenges that sit out there are waiting to be solved, and are too important to allow any one of us sit still, hiding our abilities instead of embracing our superpowers and taking them with us to the office, factory, coffee shop, or wherever we work today.

What’s a revolution like this mean to you? What’s the biggest challenge in making it happen? We love–heck, we need–to hear from you. Comment on this blog by clicking the headline, email us here, or share your thoughts on our Facebook page today!

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