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Why a Revolution? Part 2

Last week, I shared some initial thoughts on why it’s time for a workplace and worklife revolution. Yesterday, while listening to a new client describe a soul-sucking situation in his seemingly perfect workplace, I understood one more reason why we need to take up the good fight.

After going through the shock of radical, fast change in recent years, we’ve created side effects in our workplaces. Unintentional, maybe, but side effects nonetheless. Those side effects are echoed in conversations like this:

  • “Keep your head down and don’t make waves,” advises your colleague.
  • “Go along to get along,” says your spouse.
  • “Be thankful you have a job,” says your mother.

All of these tidbits of well-meaning advice have one thing in common: they’re based on fear. Fear of losing a job, an income, a reputation, control.

When we give in to the fear, we’re playing possum, staying still, taking the passive route .  And passive behavior creates nothing.

  • No innovation.
  • No creativity.
  • No new income.
  • No operational breakthroughs.
  • No satisfaction.
  • No enjoyment.
  • No fulfillment.
  • No love.

Do you really want to work like that? Can our world afford for our businesses and business people to work like that? It’s definitely time for a revolutionary change–and it can start small–like with my client who’s ready to find his own red cape and bring his superpowers to work!

Maybe you’re not sure there’s any other way to work. Our goal here is to show you there can be–that you can stand in the intersection of a successful organization and a successful life without getting run over in the process. Follow our blog, “like” Red Cape Revolution on Facebook and join the conversation.