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The Four Things You Need to Know about the Red Cape Revolution

The Four ThingsIf you’ve poked around our site already, you already know that our passion is to help everyday professionals like you:

  • Discover your superpowers (yes, you have them!),
  • Bring them to their work (no matter what that work is), and
  • Make a bigger difference in your corner of the world.

(If you haven’t poked around yet, be our guest! We suggest you start here.)

But we’d guess you  have some questions. Natch. You’re smart, curious, and only want to spend your time in places where you can get something real and valuable. Noted.

The easiest way to ask your questions about Red Cape Revolution is to email us here. ( Psst. . .when you join our community as a member, you can also use the Ask the Revolution Inbox to ask the tougher, specific questions about your workplace challenges, or you can sign up for our Q&A calls to ask and get answers real-time. Our next call is Thursday, so why not join and sign up now?)

But until you get your questions answered, here are four things we think you need to know about our work, right here, right now.

1. It’s about creating a movement. Or maybe the start of one. Who’s tired of feeling like work is a struggle? Who’d like more confidence, clarity, and control in their career–without changing everything about your life? (Hmm. . . lots of hands, I see. Okay–take ’em down before you get tired.) The movement to create more life at work starts here. The tools, encouragement, and even permission to start thinking better of ourselves and the important gifts we’re bringing to our organizations—and to our world–starts here.

2. It’s not about making work the bad guy. To echo an old 70’s song, “there ain’t no good guy; there ain’t no bad guy.”  Our organizations and workplaces have goals, needs, and even personalities –just as we do as individuals. The Red Cape Revolution is about finding the intersection of what can work for your work AND what can work for you. You can have both–really.

3. It’s about keeping it simple. If you’re looking for complex diagrams and academic analysis, go elsewhere. Maybe simple is as simple does, but if simple gets done, then it’s better. With the exception of that previous sentence, we’ll try to keep it simple, practical, and straightforward.

4. It’s better when you’re here. Who wants to attend a revolution alone? Be here. Leave a reply below, email us your ideas, or talk to us on Facebook!   C’mon–we’re waiting for you!