Hi! I’m Darcy Eikenberg, the founder of RedCapeRevolution.com. I’m so honored you’re here!Coach Darcy Eikenberg (sq 16)

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When people ask me what I do for a living, I sometimes say:

“I own a fast-growing leadership development and career coaching firm called Red Cape Revolution, where we help business leaders and other experienced professionals manage through change at work and in their careers.”

Or, I may say:

“I’m a credentialed coach, professional speaker and author.

All true.

But can I tell you a secret? What I REALLY want to say is:

“I grab talented people by the shoulders, then firmly but lovingly shake up their ideas about work and success. I then turn them back toward the world, place a firm hand on their back, and push them toward action that’ll change their life, their organization, and maybe their world.”

But that might be weird.

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My background

My first job was as a talking mailbox in the mall at Christmas time.Darcy's business career started early

The mall owner had rigged up a microphone at the mailbox and behind a little curtain a floor above. I had to watch the mailbox behind the curtain, and when a child got close enough, I needed to speak.

Needless to say, this was often a disturbing situation for the child, who’d simply intended to drop Santa’s letter and get on with the toy ogling elsewhere.

But somehow, I managed to draw them in. Have a few sweet chats. Help them verbalize in front of Mom what they really wanted in their stocking that year.

(Darcy Eikenberg, true to form at an early ageOr at least that’s my long-term memory of the experience, knowing enough brain science to know that humans are highly prone to edit past memories…)

Perhaps that was the start of my communication-focused career, one that included working as a reporter, advertising writer, association marketer and consulting leader to Fortune 500 companies. (For the detailed history, check out my LinkedIn profile here and let’s connect. Be sure to tell me you saw me here so I don’t think you’re some random spamalot.)

Who I Serve

Today, I am honored to coach and speak to leaders and high-performing professionals in companies all When is Darcy speaking at your organization?over the world who are craving a change in their life at work (sometimes secretly, but sometimes so loud it hurts.)

But they’re stuck. They either aren’t sure of the changes they want, or, if they are sure, then they aren’t sure how to make it happen in their organizations, or in their individual careers.

And if they’re honest, a little scared.

Which may seem odd, because on the outside, these are amazing people.

VPs of Marketing. Directors of Business Operations. SVPs of Communication, or Client Services, or Technology.

Successful, six-and-seven+ figure earners. The people who look good on paper. The ones you thought had it all figured out.

Surprise! They’re just like you.

Except that they’ve sought out the professional support they need to change their lives at work without having to change everything in their lives.

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Why I started the Red Cape Revolution (and what the heck does that mean)

Three more quirky things about me, Darcy Eikenberg

1. The last time I moved, I didn’t install TV. And I don’t miss it. Don’t get me wrong—I hold no moral high ground (I was a trash TV junkie—a habit I find isn’t broken when I’m on the road in a hotel room.) But I now read a lot more, sleep better, and have about $1,200 extra dollars at the end of the year.

Bring Your Superpowers to Work

2. It took me years to say “I’m a writer,” although my friend Tom and I published a neighborhood newspaper when we were about seven. We’d make copies at his dad’s office and sell them door-to-door in his red wagon. I haven’t stopped writing since.

I write the way I speak—about real life, real-world struggles and strategies in our new world of work. If you like the way I speak, I hope you’ll think of me when you need someone to speak at your company meeting or professional event.   If you like the way I write, I’d love you to join our Insider Community where I regularly share short stories, career tools, and strategies to help you change your life at work for the better, for good.

3. When I’m not working with my awe-inspiring clients or creating juicy tools targeted to their needs, you can usually find me reading or doing something fun in my Southwest Florida community (which could be working with the local Northwestern Alumni Association, sharing a bottle of wine with my mom, or just hanging at the beach.)

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What People Are Saying

”Darcy served as a personal executive coach during a very pivotal time of my career. Not only did she assist by leading me to ask myself the difficult (yet simple) questions, she followed through with practical action steps. I recommend Darcy to any individual or organization serious about finding the best in themselves and building a strong base for future growth.“Ron Wald, Minneapolis

”Darcy taught me the meaning of the word “mentor.” From day one of our relationship, Darcy listened carefully and compassionately, asking gentle but tough questions. She let me take big risks, and when I needed to huddle, she gave me the support I needed.“Liz Rowell, Evanston, IL

”Thanks to my work with Darcy, things worked out as we planned. I didn’t have to look elsewhere to find what I was looking for from my work—I found it right at my own company.“Michael Hodnett, Atlanta, GA


Darcy’s a frequent guest of the media and a contributor of hundreds of articles to trade, business, and consumer publications and websites. She’s appeared on local Fox and NBC stations, and has been quoted in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fox Business, CNN.com, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Modesto Bee, and CareerBuilder.com among others.

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