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Watch Your Language: How to Talk to Yourself in Times of Crisis

How to Talk to Yourself In Times of Crisis_ Red Cape Revolution

In times of crisis–when your world seems to be falling apart at the seams–you’ve got to remember one thing.

You only control three things:

  • Everything you do
  • Everything you say,and
  • Everything you think.

That’s it.

And that’s a lot.

But during times of crisis, it’s easy for us to slip into a constant refrain of worry, criticism, or negativity. We follow the noise of the media, political leaders, our neighbors and even friends.

Those words create worlds.

But you get to choose.

Is a worrisome, critical, and negative world the one YOU want to live in, every day?

My bet is that it’s not.

You have the power to change your words, which changes your world.

I’ve collected a few of the comments I’ve heard from coaching clients and readers lately.

They’re kinda dark.

So I created an alternative thought for each.

If you’re saying or thinking any of the statements below, try on the alternative for size.

Maybe it’s not a perfect fit for you, but see what adjustments you could make that help you move away from the thought that’s not helping you .  .  . and moving toward one that makes you feel better.

Because when we feel better, we do better.

That’s not naiive.

That’s called taking control.

What to Say to Yourself In Times of Crisis


Instead of . . .Think this instead . .
Everything's so outta control.I can't control my external circumstances, but I can control what I do, say and think.
My team is lost and overwhelmed.It's natural for all of us to be overwhelmed right now. What's the one small thing I can do to help?
Our leaders don't know what they're doing!A lot of people are focused on fixing this problem, so I'll focus on what I can do right now.
I can't absorb all the new news each day!I don't need to hear all the news, all the time. I just need to focus on now--I'll hear what I need to hear when I need it.
With kids at home, I can't focus.I'm grateful the kids are safe, and now I need to set new boundaries so they understand both of our jobs right now.
I'm anxious.I'm noticing I'm in an anxious state of mind, but there I things I can do to change my state of mind.
I'm exhausted but everyone needs me.This level of stress and uncertainty is new to all of us, and I definitely need my rest. Other people will understand, so I'll ask --or tell them--what I need
When will we go back to normal? There's never been any "normal," so I'll look forward to figuring out new ways of working and living.
I'm worried I'm going to lose my job. The energy I spend worrying isn't changing anything, so I'll do my best to be visible and useful at work, and in the meantime, build my network and plan financially ahead for if my job would end.
I've been laid off--I'm so pissed and worried. Worry's not winning me anything, and my anger doesn't help me either. Let me get into action connecting with my network and making sure my immediate needs are met.Then, I can focus on a long-term plan for what's next.
Everybody seems to be doing X. Maybe I need to do that too . . .I can do X if it's the right thing for me and my values. Let me take a minute and decide if it is or not. If it's not, then I don't need to think about it again.

Need more help changing your thoughts?

You’re not alone–the battle of the brain is real. As an experienced, professional coach, I’m trained to help you see the thoughts and assumptions that are getting in your way, and finding real alternatives and strategies to get you back on track.

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