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Find More Time for What Matters (Without Working More) [VIDEO]

find more time for what matters - Red Cape Revolution

What would you do if you could find more time for what matters in your career, work or life? What hot projects would get started–or finished? What relationships would be strengthened? How would you bring your superpowers to work if only you could find more TIME?

This topic comes up often when I’m coaching successful business professionals. Based on what I’ve heard from them, I bet you have a list of things you’d like to do if you could find more time for what matters, too.

Oh, and you want to do this WITHOUT sacrificing the time you want to spend with your family or on personal pursuits.

Sounds like a dream? Doesn’t have to be.

I often teach a workshop for communication and marketing professionals called “It’s Not About the Stuff: Secrets to Becoming a Strategic Communication Pro.” In the workshop, I share tools that help us be more strategic, successful, and happy at work, and finding more time to do the right things is one of them.

Here’s a clip from that workshop that dives deeper into three main strategies I teach. They work no matter what your industry, experience, or role–you don’t have to be in marketing or communication for them to hit the mark.

(Speaking of time, this clip is 4 minutes, 40 seconds long. Try one of these tips and I promise you’ll get that back and more.)

What would YOU do with more time at work for what matters to you?

How would more time change the type of work you’re doing, the impact you’re making, and your stress levels and those around you?

Maybe it’s time to find out.

If it’s past time for you to tackle the time monster at work, you’ll like my on-demand video course, Secrets to Make More Time for You, Your Career & Your Life. 

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In this fast-paced session, you’ll learn:

  • How to honestly identify the stakes, so you can make good choices with your time;
  • Ways to challenge your assumptions or long-held beliefs that no longer work;
  • The truth behind overwhelm (psst: it’s not that you have too much to do);
  • How to sync your schedule with your values; and
  • How to use technology without letting it use you.

The five videos inside are packed with powerful, bite-sized lessons you can apply immediately. Most are less than 15 minutes long. Plus, you’ll get access to my downloadable tools and other helpful resources. And, you have access to the program forever (although I do hope you’ll complete it today!

Sign up here to get started. We’ll send you links to all the tools. Plus, I’ll be your virtual guide, all along the way. Plus, you get my money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk. If you complete all the material in 30 days and still don’t feel your investment has helped you create more time in your work and life, I’ll refund your money–100%.

If you’re ready to feel like a hero again at work by having time to do what matters, this course is your secret weapon.

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