Strategies to Find More Time at Work [VIDEO TIP]

Find more time at work | Red Cape Revolution

What would you do if you discovered more time in your day at work? What hot projects would get started? What lingering ideas would get completed? How would you bring your superpowers to work if only you could find more time?

This topic comes up often when I’m coaching successful business professionals. Based on what I’ve heard from them, I bet you have a list of things you’d like to do if you could find more time at work, too.

Oh, and you want to do this WITHOUT sacrificing the time you want to spend with your family or on personal pursuits.

Sounds like a dream? Doesn’t have to be.

Earlier this year, I taught a workshop for communication and marketing professionals called “It’s Not About the Stuff: Secrets to Becoming a Strategic Communication Pro.” In the workshop, I shared tools that help us be more strategic, successful, and happy at work, and finding more time to do the right things is one of them.

Here’s a teaching moment from that workshop that dives deeper into strategies you can use to find more time at work, no matter what your industry, experience, or role. I’ve used each of these myself to successfully cut out the busy work, stay in my superpower space, and drop the balls that I don’t need to keep gripping so tightly. Enjoy.

(Speaking of time, this clip is 4 minutes, 40 seconds long. Try one of these tips and I promise you’ll get that back and more.)

YOUR TURN: What would YOU do with more time in your day at work? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and questions. And share with your friends who need to find more time at work, too!