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Sometimes, Actually Wearing the Cape Helps

I read an article the other day in our local neighborhood freebie newspaper–you know the kind, lots of ads, info about city happenings and garden shows, plus pictures of kids winning soccer games and grande dames at black-tie balls. One unique column caught my eye.

It seems that to grab the attention of students, there’s a local gent who occasionally dons his own superhero garb, including red cape, and calls himself “Captain Kingsley” for the elementary level Kingsley Charter School. The Captain offers new sparks of wisdom and encouragement on the morning video announcements to get people to read more, walk more, and just be better students. He also shows up live to lead “walk-to-school” days (a rarity in the metro Atlanta area where the car is king).

Now, someone could say that it’s unfortunate that the schoolkids may not pay attention to these same messages sent by someone in a button-down shirt and pressed khakis. But I see it another way. I think that when this guy puts on his red cape, he finds his voice. His true superpowers are free to come out, letting him say things in a way that may not have appeared “right” in his traditional self. The red cape frees him to be more honest, maybe a tad more goofy, and to be exceptionally encouraging and powerful. And it seems to be working!

The article cites a Mr. Bill MacDonald, a local UPS pilot who “oddly is never seen at the same time” as the Captain. Mr. MacDonald says that the Captain’s superpower is  “the power of persuasion to do the right thing.” And that’s a pretty great thing to have anywhere.

Sometimes, actually wearing the cape helps. Where do you need to wear yours??

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