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Rebuild Your Confidence (Quick Video)

Rebuild Your Confidence Red Cape Revolution

Have you ever wanted to rebuild your confidence? Or do you wish you could hit the reset button and feel stronger in your career, fast?

But it feels difficult, mysterious, elusive.

I’m going to tell you the truth: Everybody wants to build (or rebuild) confidence. You’re not broken and you’re not alone, and yes, you CAN rebuild your confidence, starting now.

In this video (under 3 minutes), I’ll tell you what gets in the way, and more importantly, what you can do about it to rebuild your confidence and move your career forward in a way that works for you.

Rebuild Your Confidence

(Want highlights from the transcript of this video? Here you go!)

Why do we all long to build more confidence?

Here’s why: it’s actually biology.

There’s a little piece of our brain, the primal part of our brain that is always questioning and always wanting to be cautious, and keep us safe.

It’s that same part of the brain that was at work back when, in prehistoric days, when it kept us from getting eaten by tigers, it kept us reproducing the race. It kept this, he kept us healthy, kept us alive.

But that part of the brain today still acts up when fear hits, when something when we worry about something. And because we feel that, we lose confidence in doing the things we know we need to do.

(For more about how our brain gets in the way of our confidence, see Winning the Battle of the Brain, here.)

What’s the biggest reboot for your confidence?

It’s not waiting for someone else to recognize you.

It’s not waiting for the magic wand or the lightning strike or something just to fall out of the sky.

The best way to rebuild reset your confidence is to take an action.

Maybe it’s an imperfect action. Maybe it’s it’s a conversation that you just need to start. It’s acceptance of a situation that you’ve been trying to even trying to make work and you realize it’s just not working, so something has to change.

But we often stop and we don’t take action because what we’re waiting for is we’re waiting to feel confident. But it works the other way around.

You have to take the action in order to build your confidence.

And it doesn’t matter if that action works or not. Taking the action, reaching out and having the conversation, asking for what you need, doing the thing you know you need to do.

That’s the secret to rebooting your confidence and getting on the track that you need to be so that you can soar through your career.

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