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Sneak Peek at “Get Career Clear”–Our New Free Training

Isn't it time to Get Career Clear?

Happy New Year! Here at Red Cape Revolution, we’ve just launched our new, FREE three-part training, called Get Career Clear. I made you a video to tell you more about it, but the most important thing is to click the button below and get the training sent to you right away! 

Click Here to Get Career Clear

The first module, “The Only Three Questions You Need to Answer Now to Get Career Clear” is live, with two more modules following over the next two weeks. The doors close January 31.

The video below shares more info about the class and about how & why getting career clear matters, anyway. But if you’re short on time, here are the highlights:

  • 3:04–Embarrassing pictures of me
  • 5:10–The surprising things that happen when you get career clear
  • 13:52–What we’ll cover in the course
  • 17:47–Why this course is free (you just have to sign up)

Already know you want in? Click the button to sign up now.

Click Here to Get Career Clear Click Here to Get Career Clear

Feel free to share this with friends and colleagues, too. Until then, I’ll see you in our class!

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