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Job Searching? Maybe All You Need is Nothing

As I shared in my last post, Contrarian Ideas for Red Cape-Wearing Job Seekers, it’s clear to me that more and more already-employed people are thinking about looking for a new job or a change within their current companies. Maybe you’re actively job searching, or maybe you’re one of the “thinkin’ ’bout it” folks.

But based on the conversations I’ve had, it seems that thinking is the operative word here. What’s missing is the doing–doing anything, even simple things (updating your LinkedIn profile, attending an industry event, inviting a colleague with an interesting job to lunch, etc.).

When I’ve asked people why they’re not doing, the trend is clear. They think they need something, something like: 

  • More education.
  • More training.
  • More experience.
  • Different experience.
  • More research.
  • More time.

If you’re one of these people (or love someone who is), what if I told you you need nothing. Nothing more than what you already are, have, can do? Wouldn’t that feel freeing, and hopeful?

Well, it’s true. You have all you need to start a successful search for what’s next. You need nothing. Don’t believe me? Here’s the list of what I’m pretty sure you already have:

  1. A mouth. Use to ask questions, engage in conversation, and talk to yourself out loud to get your thoughts clear and practice tough conversations.
  2. Two ears. Use to listen to what others are saying, teaching, suggesting.
  3. Your curiosity. Trust it. Let it go crazy. It knows what you want to know.
  4. Basic internet skills. (C’mon–I know your mom didn’t print a hard copy of this out for you.) Just be sure not to rely totally on your internet skills (see this post from our archives on how to click less and connect more.)
  5. A city/town/neighborhood where you live. Places to live have businesses, governments, libraries, churches, YMCAs, etc. Get out and look around at what’s happening where you live.
  6. Friends.
  7. People you already work with or used to work with. They’re out there, and you have no idea what they
  8. A phone. Magic tool to reach people who aren’t in arms reach. Yes, people still call people, and progress still happens using Mr. Bell’s invention.
  9. A clock. 
  10. A calendar. Good for planning and helping you realize that we never know how many more calendar pages we get to turn.
  11. Your superpowers. All the superpowers you can list in our superpower statement generator (it’s free).

So what’s stopping you now? You have all you need.

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2 responses to “Job Searching? Maybe All You Need is Nothing”

  1. Darcy,
    Thanks for speaking at Kettering Women last night. Your comments were right on target and a great reminder of how important it is to toot your own horn.

    What set your presentation apart from others I’ve heard was your simple steps on HOW to brag by putting emotion into it. That was something no other speaker (and I’ve seen a few) was able to crystalize for me.

    Great job!

    Frances Scovil