It was my honor to teach my workshop, “Warning! You’re About To Become A Commodity (& What To Do Now to Change That)” at IABC World Conference 2017.

Your Coach Darcy EikenbergHi! If we haven’t met, I’m Darcy Eikenberg. I’m an executive & leadership career coach, former communication consulting leader at a global HR firm, and long-time IABC member. So glad you’re here!

Whether you joined me or not, please take advantage of the free tools below. I want you to have the resources you need so that you’re never overlooked, undervalued, and thought of as a replacable commodity!

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Now, back to the topic at hand for professional communicators.

You’re an amazingly talented group of people who are working hard to create change and connection in our world of work. I admire you and cheer you on.

But true confession time: I’m worried about you.

Because just like professionals in human resources, information technology, security and others, you’re being devalued.

I’ll share some specific stories and data in our workshop. But you know what’s happening.

At a time when highly influential communication strategies are more necessary than ever in our businesses and our world, communication departments are being diminished with an overload of transactional, not transformational, work.

And transactional work is easily replaced.

Overlooked. Or outsourced to the lowest cost solution, because it has become a commodity.

Unless you act now, you are at risk for becoming a commodity.

The workshop I’m teaching at IABC World Conference is designed to help you avoid that risk.

Because the only solution is for you to accelerate your value.

That doesn’t mean working more.

It means understanding the true problem, getting past your beliefs and assumptions, and taking specific action to communicate your value while you’re communicating everything else.

That’s why I’m sharing these resources with you.

Whether or not you joined me in person in D.C., I want you to have resources to help ensure YOU don’t become a commodity.

Help yourself to any of the tools below, and you’re welcome to share them with your colleagues, too.

(I also deliver this workshop in webinars and in person for teams and professional organizations. If you’d like to talk more about how I can share these ideas with your group, email me now and let’s chat.)

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