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From Furloughed to Fantastic: A Job Seeker’s Case Study (Video Interview)

Furloughed to Fantastic Job Seeker Case Study with Coach Darcy Red Cape Revolution

Been furloughed from your job?

Well, that stinks.

I’m sorry you’ve had to go through that experience.

Being furloughed is extra difficult, because unlike a clear layoff or dismissal, a furlough implies that your company will want you back when they can afford to have you.

And while it’s a great feeling to know you’re wanted . . .here’s the truth.

If you’ve been furloughed, don’t play the waiting game.

furloughed and waiting

Treat furloughed the same as fired.

I know it sounds harsh, especially if you love your job and your company.

And some will argue that they’re still getting benefits or other value from their company while on furlough, and it seems disloyal to begin an active job search.

Unfortunately, that thinking keeps you stuck and unemployed while you’re waiting for your company to figure things out.

Along the way, the organization figures out how to do your job without you.

And so the likelihood of re-hiring you after being furloughed is extremely low.

So it’s time to take back control of your career and your future now.

But how?

Meet my client Julie.

She’s been where you are—furloughed, optimistic, and waiting—until she decided to take back control.

Once she did, she found a great opportunity where she’s making a difference for her community and her career.

In our video chat, we shared 15 big lessons you can use right now if you’ve been furloughed, laid off, or just want to be prepared to search for what’s next in your world of work. Watch here:

Because my client work is always confidential, I rarely share client names and faces in public, but Julie was so excited by her journey that she gave me permission to record this conversation just for you. I appreciate her generosity, and hope you find the lessons useful.

From Furloughed to Fantastic: Snapshot of the 15 lessons we cover in the video

  • Lesson 1: The next job for you might have never existed before
  • Lesson 2: Don’t assume a furlough means you’ll have your job back.
  • Lesson 3: Pay attention to your industry problems—and for opportunities.
  • Lesson 4: Take control: what you do, say, and think
  • Lesson 5: Lead from your strengths (not just your skills)

  • Lesson 6: Shift from “here’s what I did” to “here’s what I achieved”
  • Lesson 7: Start networking where it’s easy
  • Lesson 8: Career search is a snowball—just start
  • Lesson 9: Mine your past experience to remember how you’re great
  • Lesson 10: Identify & know what higher level skills you bring (so you’re not a commodity)

  • Lesson 11: More conversations=more opportunities.
  • Lesson 12: Visibility = viability
  • Lesson 13:  Treat search as a job
  • Lesson 14: Celebrate & share your success
  • Lesson 15: Stay positive

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