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Feeling Stuck in Your Career? 21 Beliefs Keeping You There

Feeling stuck in your career _ Red Cape Revolution

Feeling stuck in your career? You’re not alone.

In my line of work as a leadership and career coach, I talk to successful professionals every day who tell me they’re feeling stuck in their career.

If you’ve ever been there, it’s a craptastic feeling.

And while each person’s specific situation might be slightly different, there’s one element each person realizes  as they move from feeling stuck to getting unstuck to moving forward.

They realize there were things they passionately believed to be true that were not true at all. 

In fact, I recently wrote down the twenty-one beliefs that come up most often.

  1. There are no jobs out there, so I should be grateful for what I have.
  2. There are no jobs out there in my profession.
  3. There are no jobs out there at my level.
  4. There are no jobs for someone my age.
  5. There are no jobs out there in my part of the country/state/city/neighborhood.
  6. I can’t figure out what’s next for me.  
  7. I don’t have time to think about what’s next for me.
  8. I don’t have time to seek out what’s next for me.
  9. I can’t afford to look for what’s next.
  10. I can’t afford to make a change.
  11. Other people work in really bad environments, so I should be happy here.
  12. Other people make much less money, so I should be happy here.
  13. Things will get better here when the economy changes.
  14. Things will get better here when the budget changes.
  15. Things will get better here when the season changes.
  16. Things will get better here when my boss changes.
  17. I’d like different work but my coworkers are good, so I should be happy.
  18. I’d like different coworkers, but my work is good, so I should be happy.
  19. I’d like a different schedule, but my work/coworkers are good, so I should be happy.
  20. I’d like to make more money, but my work/coworkers/schedule is/are good, so I should be happy.
  21. Work’s not meant to be fun; that’s why they call it work.

Which of these are bouncing around in your beautiful brain?

If you’re feeling stuck in your career and have heard yourself say (or think) one or more of the above, it’s time to realize something major.

It’s time to realize that what’s getting in-between you and the road to change is not something else, or someone else.

What’s getting in the way is YOU, and the decisions you’re making about what you believe.

Yes, your beliefs are a decision.

When faced with a belief that hurts you and holds you from taking action, you have a choice.

You can continue to believe it, and keep feeling stuck.

Or, you can replace it with a healthier, happier belief that puts you into motion.

For example:

  • Instead of: “There are no jobs out there, so I should be grateful for what I have,” 
  • Think: “I’m grateful for my job, but I don’t yet know what jobs are out there because I haven’t really looked* carefully.” 


  • Instead of: “I can’t afford to make a change.”
  • Think: “I can take a deep dive into my finances, so I’m very specific on what I need. Then, I can focus on creating opportunities that earn that.

(*And of course, “looking” doesn’t mean hiding behind your computer and skimming online applications. It means getting clear about what you want and connecting with real people in your community. More here in “How to Start Finding What’s Next: A Guide to What’s Working Now”)

Bottom line: You get to decide what you think.

It’s an awesome gift that’s given to just us humans.

So let’s use it.

You don’t have to buy into the stereotypical, conventional ideas that are keeping you feeling small, unworthy, or stuck.

If you or someone you love is feeling stuck in your career right now, take a hard look at what you believe to be true.

I know there’s a better belief out there, flapping its hand in the air, waiting to be picked.

Choose it, install it in your brain, and let it help you move forward, faster.

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