Wait! Before You Go . . . Take a Look Back on 2012, Red Cape-Style (plus your free tool inside)

Wait! How can it be 2013? Looking back idea from RedCapeRevolution.com

Yes, maybe you raised a glass (or three) on December 31. Maybe you’ve kicked the tree to the curb (literally–it’s trash day here.) And maybe you’re back to work, wondering “where the heck did 2012 go?” Me too. So let’s not let it go, just yet. Hold on a little longer–and give yourself one last […]Read the full post >>

Creating Your Vision: Download our Free Tool (PDF)

Need to gain some clarity about what you want in your career and your life? Start by creating your vision. Here’s how to use this tool: Set aside 20-30 minutes and get in a comfortable place where you won’t be distracted. Write your answers to each question as quickly as possible. Pay attention to the […]Read the full post >>

Listen to the Whispers: Career Advice from Oprah (and Me)

what to do if you're under-utilized

“Your life is always speaking to you,” said TV’s favorite teacher, Oprah Winfrey, as she closed out her 25 years of daytime television. Of all the lessons she’s shared over the years, my favorite has been to listen to the whispers, the murmurs, the soft messages that we all have and hear–but don’t always notice. […]Read the full post >>

Are You In Your Superpower Space?

Here’s a list of ten ways to know you’re working in your superpower space–that place where you are really soaring through your work and life, bringing what’s unique and special about you to your organization and to the world! (Psst–not sure of your superpowers? Be sure to check out our Free Tools section on RedCapeRevolution.com […]Read the full post >>