19 Ways to Be Happy at Work (Psst: They All Take Five Minutes or Less)

19 ways to be happy at work _ Red Cape Revolution

Whether you’re celebrating the start of a new day or just can’t get that darned Pharrell Williams song out of your head, we all want to be happy at work. If you’ve mastered this—at least on most days—congrats. But many of us think it’ll take lots of hard work and change to be happy at […]Read the full post >>

Are You Celebrating at Work Enough? Five Things to Start

Are you celebrating enough

I like a good celebration as much as anyone. But do we really need to start celebrating Halloween before summer is officially over? Do we need to hear Christmas carols on the radio in September? Well, maybe we do. As I talk to coaching clients and members of my speaking audiences, I’ve noticed an increased […]Read the full post >>

How to Give More Attention (And Get What You Need)


Let’s face it. We all claim we want to give more attention to the things in our lives that matter. Our families. Our health. The work that’s in our superpower space and makes us feel like we’re wearing our red cape. But if we’re honest, we struggle. I know I do. There are just too […]Read the full post >>

My Year Without TV, and Lessons Learned Along the Way

my year without tv (lessons learned) 2

It happened again the other night—this time at a neighborhood party. “Did you see ________ on TV last night?” And I have to smile quietly and answer “no. ” I believe “no” is a complete answer, but in this case, it’s not exactly a fair one. Because I keep a secret that seems to freak […]Read the full post >>

The Best Books I Read This Summer (Ones That’ll Help You This Fall)

Looking up from my book (border)

No matter what time of year, I love to read. There’s nothing better to me than having a few minutes or (gasp!) a few hours lying ahead of me to dive into a good book.  If you add in some summer sunshine and a comfy outdoor seat, well, that’s bliss. And it doesn’t happen often […]Read the full post >>

How I’m Working on My Relationship with Time

give more attention when you use a timer

I wish I had more time. How many times have I said that? Too many, I fear. It’s a sign of my relationship with time–always longing, never satisfied. Sound like you, too? Quite frankly, I’m over it. When I look at all the great relationships I have in my life—my family, my friends, and even […]Read the full post >>

The Fifty Best Things I Know at 50

50 things I know at 50 | Darcy Eikenberg ACC

It seems that everyone who hits a chronological milestone seems to inflict his or her life’s discoveries on the world. And now I’ll join the guilty. I just turned fifty. And while this blog always aims to be about YOU ( helping you change your life at work for the better, for good), I’ll ask […]Read the full post >>

Need More Power? Simple Travel Tips [VIDEO]

Darcy and travel tips

Yes, I travel a lot! I’m grateful for those opportunities that keep me visiting all of you out there and helping you change your lives at work. Through all that traveling, I often come across simple little ideas and tools that are really helpful when your work (or life) takes you on the road. So […]Read the full post >>