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Career Courage Challenge Day 8: List What’s Working About Your Work

Career Courage Challenge Day 8

We’re at the start of Week 2 of our 30-Day Career Courage Challenge: Day 8. How’s it going for YOU?  Keep adding your own experiences and ideas in the Comments at the end of this article, or on Facebook and LinkedIn, too.

Each day, I’m taking the challenges along with you–watch for my experiences in the Comments.

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Career Courage Challenge, Day 8: List What’s Working About Your Work


It’s Monday. Maybe you’re super excited to get to work. Maybe you’re in a state of dread.

Even if you’re somewhere between, your challenge today is to identify all of the things that ARE working in your work.

Because even if you’re not perfectly content with your life at work, getting really honest about the elements that DO work can give you more clarity about why you stay, or what experiences you want to continue in your next opportunity.

It also helps to remind yourself that nothing is completely bad, nor completely good. By having courage to get more specific about what’s working, you’ll give yourself the courage to take the first steps toward changing what needs to change.




Why a Career Courage Challenge?

Here at, we’ve focused on three main things that we all need to have to soar in our careers (things we’ve learned through our research and conversations with you):

  • Gaining Clarity: really seeing and understanding what’s unique and special about you; what your superpowers are and how you can bring them to work;
  • Building Confidence: feeling strong and sure about who you are, and what you’re doing now and in the future, and;
  • Taking Control: choosing to take action on the things you want and need in your work and life.

But in last year’s reader survey, I asked, “If you could take a superpill that would help you overcome your biggest challenge, what would that pill do?” here’s what you said:[blockquote]The pill would give me the words and courage to express to our executives how damaging these yo-yo initiatives are.

It would give me courage to ask for opportunities when I meet people.

Sometimes small setbacks throw me into doubt. The pill would make me believe in me first.[/blockquote]

So it sounds like there’s a new C emerging: courage. And I’m right there with you, because I’m seeking courage, too.

To play bigger. Serve you better. Impact more people like you. To make hard choices about who I want to be, where I want to be, how I want to spend more of my time and where I need to spend less.

That’s why I wanted to experiment with this free, 30-Day Career Courage Challenge. I’m going to push myself beyond my comfort zone, and I hope you’ll play along with me, too. I hope you’ll share your experiences in the Comments below, on Facebook or LinkedIn, or by email.

I can’t wait to grow my courage muscles with you.


2 responses to “Career Courage Challenge Day 8: List What’s Working About Your Work”

  1. I’m fortunate that there are many things working about my work! I’m able to work with great, talented people, and I get to use my creativity on a regular basis in ways that are fun for me and also help others. I also have a great deal of flexibility and choice in what I spend time on, and I value that freedom tremendously. How about you? What’s working in your work? Tell me here!